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Oct 5, 2007 05:21 AM

Rockville Town Square

Hi- I'm going out to dinner/drinks tonight with a group of 7-- including 2 vegetarians and a severe fish allergy. We would like to go in the Rockville area (maybe the new Town Square). We've already been to Gordon Biersch and Austin Grill-- any suggestions would be fantastic. Thanks!

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  1. Does anyone know if the Rockville La Flor de la Canela location is open yet? I really like the original in Gaithersburg. It's homey Peruvian - the aji de gallina is a particular favorite of mine. I don't think it's particularly veg-friendly though.

    Do you like Vietnamese? Taste of Saigon, while hard to find, is generally worth the visit.

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      La Canela is now open in Rockville Town Square. It looks very nice, with a small downstairs area, and stairs leading to a second floor. I did not eat there. The menu is somewhat different from the original, but many of the old favorites are there. Prices seem about the same. It was empty at lunchtime, just like most of the other restaurants on the street.

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        We also are great fans of the Gaithersburg location of La Flor, but think the Rockville location is a bit lacking. The atmosphere is a bit more formal and some of the real gems from the Gaithersburg menu aren't available at Rockville (in particular, the Rachi). The pisco sours, however, are here, and if you haven't ever had one, make sure you do. The ceviche is some of the best I've ever tasted.

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          I like this place (though there is a lot of fish on the menu). Atmosphere is cuter than a lot of the other RTC places and there are some really good menu options and drinks. I had one eh fish dish, though, where it tasted a little off.

      2. too bad on the fish allergy since Sushi Damo is outstanding and at Town Square
        I agree that Taste of Saigon is good and is located just next to the square near the fire house
        avoid the tapas restaurant on the square, it wasn't very good
        there is a very good spanish restaurant called Sol de Espana on the pike
        also Benjarong for thai food is good
        if you dont care about ambiance, Urban BBQ is great in Rockville for BBQ food
        if you want Pho, Pho 75 on the pike and Pho Nam on Shady Grove Road is good
        happy dining

        1. Greystone Grill has the same basic, non-offensive American cuisine that Gordon Biersch and Austin Grill have. If you liked GB and AG, for a few dollars more, you'll like GG too.

          Primo Italiano and Tara Thai should be avoided. Giuseppi's is good for cheap pizza and subs. Not sure if it works with a fish allergy and a vegetarian, but Bobby's Crabcakes is excellent.