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Oct 5, 2007 05:04 AM

Old Foley Food Mill -- Safe to use?

I have an old Foley Food Mill that still works, but it has a metallic smell to it. Can I use it or will it react to acidic food and/or make the food taste metallic?


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  1. Hmm. My vote says it *will* transfer to anything you put through it.

    1. Just wash it well and keep on using it. In over 33 years I have worn out one and am on my second. There is never a metallic transfer of flavor no matter if it is mashed potatoes, tomato sauce or apple sauce. It is fine.

      1. We use one from the 1950s with no problems. I made a lot of bitter orange marmalade with it las winter and it waas very tasty.

        1. Thanks all for your replies. I suppose I could just try it and see how it goes. This one is pretty old. It has a wood handle, which I don't think the new ones have.

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            That is pretty old. It may be worn out by now. The grates tend to wear down with a lot of use. I don't think they have made the one with a wooden handle in almost 40 years.

          2. I have my mother's 1932 Foley Food Mill. It worked its way through seven children, thirteen great-grandchildren and my twins' childhood. I'm still making applesauce with it and whatever 'it' is (that black stuff -- probably zinc) that disperses throughout the water when I wash it, we're all thriving on it. I say the old-fashioned stuff is good stuff. Use it and enjoy it.