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Oct 5, 2007 04:31 AM

Queens Dim Sum with accessible parking?

Is there any Dim Sum that you would recommend that has accessible parking. My mom is elderly and handicapped and Main Street is just too hard to get around. We were going to Silver Pond on Main Street for years until its recent closing (what's that about??). Thanks for any advice.

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  1. I never eat dim sum and I don't drive, but every time I go to Ocean Jewels just off Prince Street it takes me several minutes just to walk past the huge parking lot next door. It's a lovely place and I think your mom would enjoy it.

    1. You have several choices in Queens with nearby parking:

      Tung Yi Fung (135-29 37th Ave between Main Street and Prince) has its own parking lot next to the restaurant.

      Linden Place (34-20 Linden Place between 35th Ave and 32nd Ave on the other side of Northern Blvd from Main Street) has its own indoor parking underneath the restaurant. There is an elevator up to the restaurant.

      Ping's Restaurant (8302 Queens Blvd) has its own parking lot across the street behind the restaurant. It's a short walk to the entrance.

      East Manor (4645 Kissena Blvd) has its parking lot behind the restaurant. There is an entrance into the restaurant from the the parking lot.

      East Buffet Restaurant (79-17 Albion Ave in Elmhurst) has two adjacent parking lots on either side of the restaurant, one of which has an entrance directly into the restaurant. They have a dim sum section and a buffet section on the main floor. A word of caution, though, that if it gets crowded enough or if there are parties booked, they may serve dim sum only on the second floor of the restaurant which has no elevator access. This happens rarely.

      Northern Manor (251-15 Northern Blvd in Little Neck) has a parking lot behind the restaurant. I believe there is a back entrance into the restaurant from the parking lot, but I am not 100% sure.

      East Buffet Restaurant (42-01 Main St) has a parking lot behind the restaurant, but it's a bit of a walk to get to the main entrance. There is an elevator to the second floor where the buffet and dim sum sections are, but I can't recommend this location for handicapped access due to the walk from the lot to the front entrance. I do not know if they have an entrance into the restaurant from the parking lot.

      Ocean Jewels (133-30 39 Ave beween Prince Street and College Point Ave) has a private parking lot right next to the restaurant, but there are a few stairs to get into the restaurant. I don't recall if this place has a handicapped access ramp or not.

      Gala Manor (37-02 Main Street) has a parking garage, but it's a block away from the restaurant. The restaurant is on the second floor, and there are stairs but it has an elevator entrance in the adjacent building.

      Gum Fung (136-28 39th Ave) and New Pacific Chinese Cuisine (37-17A Prince St) faces municipal parking lots in Flushing, but I can't recommend these two places because of stairs into the restaurants and no handicapped access that I am aware of.

      Perfect Team Corporation Restaurant (136-59 37th ave) is directly across the street from the main Flushing municipal lot. The restaurant is on the second floor, but I vaguely recall there being an elevator.

      In terms of avoiding downtown Main Street, the most handicap accessible places would be Linden Place, Ping's, East Manor on Kissena, East Buffet in Elmhurst, and probably Northern Manor.

      Hope this helps.

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        Excellent information on parking, Bryn. One addition: Gala Manor has an additional parking site down the block toward Prince St on the north side of the street. Both their parking lots, which I thought were free) do charge a couple of bucks, but hte dim sum was well worth it.

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          Though I've only eaten off the regular menu (non- Dim Sum), I can heartily recommend New Tung Yi Fung. The food is very well prepared and the quality has been consistent.

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            Dear Byryn-Thank you thank you for your incredibly well thought out list. Took Mom to East Manor today and parking was still a little problem but we left full and happy.