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Oct 5, 2007 01:01 AM

food void in Apache Junction?

Help!!! I'm visiting family in Apache Junction and from what I've read there is a huge gap when it comes to good food. Please help me out with finding something in Apache Junction or within 15-20 minute drive. I love all food, but especially good mexican, steaks, and BBQ. Where do the locals go, besides driving to Phoenix?

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  1. I used to live out that way... the driving to Phoenix option was my usual choice. There's a good little Mexican restaurant called De La Cruz, tucked away in the back of the Basha's shopping center on the US 60 on the way out of town. Places seems broken right now; it's at 5301 S Superstition Mountain Drive in Gold Canyon.

    1. You are right, there isn't much in AJ. I live on the border, in Mesa, but I could throw a rock and hit it into AJ. We do like Elivra's a great, spicy Mexican hole in the wall on Main St. (Apache Trail) and Ironwood. Other than that, do a search on East Mesa and you'll find lots of options all within a 15 - 20 minute drive. Here is one search I found that has some good rec's:

      1. Used to work out that way...AJ locals go to Los Gringos - better than chain Mexican food with good happy hour specials. The tableside prepared guac appetizer was my old standby. It's on "The Trail" just west of Idaho Rd I believe. It is next to a restaurant called The Feed Bag, which always makes me smile. A couple more former lunch faves include Mike Thai, which is just off the 60 and Higley Road, and at Ellsworth and Guadalupe there is Venezia's Pizzeria, which has great pizza, salads and sandwiches.