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Oct 5, 2007 12:39 AM

Moscone Center Lunches, 2007?

Planning for a week or so of short < 1.25 hr lunches in the vicinity of Moscone West. I know of course about the Westfield Center/San Francisco Center food court(s) and wichcraft. I have liked the King of Thai Noodle Branch in the Hotel Milano in the past, though the last visit was somewhat lackluster. I am looking for interesting/quick/cheaper lunches in the area.

Past recs for Moscone area that I will probably follow up on:

Tea Garden, 515 Mission (probably as far as I want to go, given the time alloted)

Henry's Hunan, Natoma

Chaat Cafe


Natoma Cafe? Did this place close?


Other Burmese?

I tend to prefer ethnic, not too into sandwiches unless with good meat. I will probably avoid nicer sit-down places unless roped into lunches with colleagues/contacts/vendors.

Any suggestions?

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  1. <dead horse beating> Samovar in Yerba Buena gardens </dead horse beating>

    Exceptional in *my* book, it is hardly quick and will take your entire 1.25 hour. They deliberately serve a bit on the slow side (you have to read their site to understand why) so if you are on a time constraint -- as I have often been -- your best bet is to order what you want IMMEDIATELY upon being seated and tell them you have to leave at such-and-such a time.

    1. I think Natoma is gone. Linda's Place (across the street from Tea Garen) is a venerable institution for good cheap Thai, as is B&M Mei Sing on Second St. for Chinese (but order at the counter, and avoid the steam table).

      Yes it's a sandwich, but Cafe Dolci on Market near Grant has good banh mi (to go only).

      Maybe even a longer hike than Tea Garden, but have you checked out the International Food Center on Kearny & Bush? When I last checked it had a Burmese food stall. The rest of the Kearny St. Food ghetto centered around Bush St. is also worth checking out before it succumbs to gentrification.

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        Thanks for the suggestions. May try Samovar for late breaks. I think I will have to make the hike out to International Food Center. Between that and the others, I should be in pretty good shape.