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Oct 4, 2007 11:54 PM

Smokin' in the Park BBQ (San Diego)

I was at Viejas a month or so ago and saw a sign for the Smokin' in the Park 3rd Annual BBQ Championship. I did some Googling and there isn't much online chatter about it. Apparently you can get a "Sample Meal" for $6...whatever that is. For $6 though, it doesn't seem like you'd get to sample much.

It seems like fun though and I'd like to try some real BBQ as opposed to the normal spots in SD, and they it tout as something you'd see on Food Network. Since it's the 3rd annual, any of you know/hear anything about the past events? Portion of the sample size? Or am I just going to be walking around all smoky and hungry (and maybe broke from shopping and gambling)? :)

Here's a link:

It's on October 20th.

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