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Maine Lobster in Orange County?

Has anyone found any restaurants in Orange County that serve Maine lobster? My boyfriend is from the east coast and wants to find some. Thanks!

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  1. Newport Seafood- Garden Grove-Santa Ana
    China Garden- Irvine
    King's FishHouse-Laguna Hills
    Sam Woo's - Irvine

    1. Mastro's Ocean Club in Crystal Cove offers a good but expensive Maine lobster. There is also a "fancy" version at Blue Coral in Fashion Island but that one masks the flavor of the lobster almost entirely.

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        Had some delivered from Lobster Gram (livelob.com) this week and it was pretty good. I'm not a huge lobster guy so I enjoyed the crab cakes even more, but.

        The Pacific Spiny lobster season just started so you can give that a shot if you can sacrifice Maine.

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          Mmm. Main lobster and bone-in-filet. I forgot how good that was at Ocean Club. I am so there tomorrow night.

          You are right about the lobster at Blue Coral. You are talking about the one served on top of potato chips right?

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            Yes, the lobster en fuego. I think the chef''s vain hope is that "nobody can eat just one."

        2. Newport Seafood on 1st and Newhope in Santa Ana. It's an Asian restaurant but they will do plain steamed Maine lobster if you like.

          Cheap, it is not -- while the lobster isn't bad at $10-$12 a lb., the smallest one they had when I went was 4.5 lbs.

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            this is the same one (another location) as the one in san gabriel on las tunas, right?

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              I'm not sure, honestly -- there are so many "Newport Seafood" and "New Port Sea Food" type places that I don't know if they're related -- in point of fact there's another "Newport Seafood", not as good, just down from the one I'm talking about where 1st turns into Bolsa.

              They even have the same name in Vietnamese, "Tan Cang".

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              4.5 lbs is over the max size for a Maine lobster.

              Mighta been a maniac that wandered into Massachusetts waters and got caught, I suppose........but probably is not even from the northeast.

            3. Try Kings Fish House in Lake Forest. And there's always Red Lobster. Otherwise, I can't imagine Maine lobster would be difficult to find. I'd imagine that practically all the seafood restaurants in OC would serve Maine Lobster.

              1. The Fish Company in Los Alamitos is always a very good choice.

                1. The Longboard in Huntington Beach on Main Street is having there Lobster Fest until the end of the month. $23.95 for two (2) whole bugs probably about 13/4 lbs total, complete with all the fixins'. Great outdoor seating for people watching. It is a "sports pub" so make sure the Angels aren't playing and you should be able to get a nice table inside to catch a game.

                  1. Don't miss the opportunity to give the local spiny lobster a try. It's always struck me as odd that we West Coasters have lobster shipped all the way across the country when we have such amazing lobster here. You don't get the claws on a spiny lobster like you do a Maine lobster, but the tail is to die for and is much bigger and tastier IMO than Maine lobster. It's really worth a try.