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Oct 4, 2007 08:55 PM

Two shows at the Orpheum next week, need recs for fun Chinatown pre-show dinner

Will be seeing the Dead (Phil and friends), and likely in tie-dyes, but looove Chinese and would rather try something new and memorable than Americanized anything. Walking from Park Street sta., maybe an hour or so for dinner, two of us. Best rec's for a quick Chinese fix? May try Silvertone for one night, unless I am overwhelmed by even better rec's in Chinatown.....

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  1. Shabu Zen is hot-pot, and very fun. Would be great before a show. It's on Tyler St.

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    1. re: FeedMeMore

      The meal itself at Shabu Zen is definitely quick, but when they're busy the wait for seats can be pretty long.

      My own favorites in Chinatown are King Fung Garden and Jumbo Seafood. Of those two, Jumbo is probably the more expeditious meal.

      King Fung Garden
      74 Kneeland St, Boston, MA 02111

      Shabu Zen
      16 Tyler St, Boston, MA 02111

      1. re: Allstonian

        Here's Jumbo Seafood, too.

        Jumbo Seafood Restaurant
        7 Hudson St, Boston, MA 02111

    2. Yeah, I'd agree that as good as Shabu-zen is, I don't see being able to get the meal in an hour on the weekend, unless you were to head there very early (5pm or so?).

      I'd second the recommendations, plus add Peach Farm on Tyler St (though again depending on timing, you might have to wait for a table). Once I sit down though, my family of 6 usually can order, eat and pay in under an hour (maybe that just says something about us). Taiwan Cafe on Oxford St might also be a good choice. It seems like Potluck seems to be popular with a lot of board members, though I've never been.

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        Second Taiwan Cafe. Great food and speedy.

      2. Peach Farm is phenomenal, their whole menu is just stacked with winners. Sushiaya is some amazing Korean food and their kim-chi and fried calamari are both excellent.

        1. If you do King Fung Garden, order the Peking Duck (24 hours notice required); it is served in 3 courses, traditional course, soup and stir fry; the dumplings and scallion pancakes are also very good. For two people, however, it might be too much food.

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            A great meal, but not necessarily the best to try to do inside one hour. Also, the 3-course duck feeds two people plentifully but you can't really order anything else (such as those dumplings or scallion pancakes) or it'll be way too much food.

          2. Thanks for the excellent ideas! We are in fact planning to get in town pretty early, hopefully right around 5, which should make things a bit easier. I've never had shabu shabu, but have long been fascinated by the whole concept; and my mostest favorite thing ever is peking duck, so two excellent things to consider. And I'm about the size of some of the Patriots linebacking corps, and can probably put away a few dumplings and such if tested...

            Just need to leave a little room for beer, and maybe a nice dry martini......