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Oct 4, 2007 08:34 PM

Main difference between BLT Steak/Prime?

Is there really a main difference between the two. Menus seem pretty much similar with a few added/subtracted items from each. I have a few questions.

1. Do they both still serve popovers?
2. I see BLT Prime offers a shrimp dish, however BLT Steak does not. Do you think BLT Steak would accomodate someone in our party who would like shrimp as an entree?
3. Is their any difference in overall food quality, ambiance?
4. What are the "can't miss dishes" from each restaurant?

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  1. i read a recent article (about Prime steak, maybe in NY Magazine?) that pointed out a pretty huge difference: Prime has aged steaks. Steak does not. apparently this is due to the size and design of the restaurants....and Prime had space for an aging room.

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      I have heard this recently from some other posters as well. However, from older posts most people seem to rave about BLT Steak and say it is much better than BLT Prime. Usually dry-aged beef means much better quality so why the negative reviews for BLT Prime?

    2. I've eaten at both BLT Steak and BLT Prime. I had wonderful experiences at both restaurants. People are very critical of the "BLT restaurants" on Chowhound - but I've never had a bad experience. To answer your questions, both restaurants serve popovers, not sure about the shrimp dish, I found the food quality to be equal, and as for "can't miss dishes" - at my most recent experience at BLT Prime - the blue cheese hash browns and creamed spinach were so good. I also enjoy the Lobster Cobb - which I believe is served at both restaurants as an appetizer. The restaurants are very similar inside. I actually enjoy BLT Prime because the neighborhood is much better after dinner. There are many places to grab nice cocktails (like Flatiron Lounge) after dinner. That's if you have room in your stomach!

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        Awesome insight! Did you try any desserts?

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          I had the strawberry ice cream sundae for dessert. It was great. There were many other options that my BF would have preferred, but after such a rich meal, I couldn't bear the thought of eating a red velvet cake. One more thing - if you have a person in your party that doesn't eat meat - the Dover Sole (I know it's at Prime - not sure about Steak) is really good.

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            Yeah my mother would love that ! Thanks for the recs-- and as far as dessert I know what you mean. They all look awesome.. especially the straberry sundae, peanut butter chocolate mousse, and crepe souffle