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Oct 4, 2007 08:20 PM

u pick apples via pub trans / metro north? [Moved from Manhattan board]

Does anyone know of any u pick apple orchards that are accessible by public transportation? Or is it a pipe dream to think that I can get to a farm without a car?

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  1. There are ones in North Salem that would probably be a short cab ride from the Croton Falls Metro-North station. (Note: that's Croton FALLS, not Croton-Harmon - someone sitting behind me on the train made that mistake in reverse once) One place is called Outhouse Orchards, and I think there's another one nearby whose name I forget.

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    1. re: shellyesq

      Salinger's is the other orchard near Croton Falls. They don't allow you to pick your own apples.

      If you're planning to use public transportation, you should know that taxis are few and far between in this neck of the woods. The distance from Croton Falls train station to Outhouse is walkable (probably 2-3 miles), but it's a busy, hilly, twisty road, so I wouldn't recommend it. You'd be better off renting a car for the day - it would give you much more flexibility to enjoy this beautiful area.

      1. re: LaurainCT

        It's going back a few years, but I've seen the occasional taxi near the Croton Falls station. It's not like you're going to stick out your arm and have 10 taxis at the ready, but they shouldn't be impossible to get, especially if you bring a taxi company phone number with you to use if necessary.

      2. re: shellyesq

        the other one is salingers...they are both a couple of miles from the rr station...salingers has the most amazing pies