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Oct 4, 2007 07:50 PM

4 vegetarians on a road trip

hello! a group of 4 vegetarians are traveling around quebec in a few weeks. we are flying into manchester, NH and renting a car. from there, we are heading to sherbrooke (1 day), montreal (1 day), and quebec city (2 days) before driving back to manchester. we are going to concerts in the evenings but looking for brunching places and early dinner spots, or gastro pubs.

though we are vegetarian, we aren't of the "garden burger" variety - e.g., we are not specifically looking for vegetarian restaurants. the only thing we aren't looking for, really, are steakhouses! all cuisines are welcomed, most especially indian, thai, vietnamese. last time i was in montreal i stumbled upon a restaurant row with many delicious indian choices, but i can't remember now where it was or what the name of the restaurant we picked was!

any idea of where we should eat in these towns, or in between? we want to try the absolute best food in these cities! (well, considering we will all be in casual dress, anyway - the best we can get in jeans i should specify!) thanks!

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  1. You should go to Chuch on St-Denis (next to ChuChai which is a bit more formal) and try their vegetarian Thai food. It is really good. I like their mock satay, the tofu curries, and their tofu and cucumber appetizer. Cluny Artbar is fun and has some wonderful blanched vegetable salads. And the Indian restaurants you mention are probably those found along Jean-Talon near Boulevard L'Acadie like Bombay Mahal which is at 1001, rue Jean-Talon Ouest. Happy masala dosa!

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      Chuch (not ChuChai, the more formal side) is also a byow, which can be a nice touch.

      There are very few restos in Montréal where jeans would be a problem. Perhaps shorts, jogging pants or tracksuits, but not jeans.

      A hip empire for concerts is the casa del popolo bar and across the street, the Salla Rossa concert venue and Spanish social club Sala Rosa The café/bar just has a short, simple menu but it is all vegetarian - sandwiches, soups and salads. Because of the Casa del popolo management and patron, the Spanish restaurant (La Sala Rosa), although it is not vegetarian by any means, has a much larger selection of vegetarian tapas and mains than is usually the case.

      Right now the weather is so splendid that I'd suggest heading to Jean-Talon Market or some other stretch of good food shops and treating yourselves to a picnic. I doubt this extremely warm weather will hold, but it may well be autumnal picnic weather.

      There are a couple of other threads on vegetarian food in Québec City - you can do a search on this board (see the "search this board" feature).

    2. It's always possible to put together a fine vegetarian meal at Au cinquième péché. Not a huge range of choices, but what there is is first-rate modern French cooking. Plus they're still featuring organic vegetables from the Persil Perlà farm near Mirabel. Smart wine list with a good selection of wines by the glass, casual dress and young, enthusiastic and very welcoming staff.

      BU wine bar has lots of little vegetarian plates and often a vegetarian main or two. Casual and cool ambiance. One of the city's best wine lists and an ever changing, always intriguing wine-by-the-glass program. Open late, too.

      1. I don't know if these places are where I'd go if I had only 1 day in Montreal - and I know you did say you weren't specifically looking for veg. restos - but if you do come back for longer, two places to try spring to mind:

        I had some excellent food a Lola Rosa in the McGill ghetto (545 Milton) - I'd recommend it for lunch, had a great sweet-potato quesadilla and extraordinary chocolate tart.

        I've also heard some amazing things about the vegan resto Aux Vivres:
        Jim Leff's Montreal trip report

        Don't know Sherbrooke or Qc. City well, but someone recently posted on Sherbrooke so you might want to check out this thread:

        Just as an aside, not to dis Sherbrooke, but unless you have a special reason to be there (conference? family? friend) I'd highly recommend a second day in Montreal instead - we have so many great restos here, it's a shame to be so limited. :-)

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          if you want good vegetarien and inexpensive food in montreal I would defenitively recommend Aux Vivres at 4631, boul. St-Laurent coin villeneuve, they have very good food. Chuchai is really good, try their sticky rice mmmmmm

          in sherbrooke I would recommend the cartier, it's not a vegeterian restaurant but there is a lot of vegetarien stuff on the menu,

          if you are in sherbrooke and want to go Hiking you should go to le Mont Pinacle it's about 45 minute from sherbrooke, in the town of Baldwin and if it's not to far back in the month of october it's very worthwhile

          in Quebec you can maybe try the Aviatic club in the Gare du Palais they have great wine and ambiance but I'm not sure that they have a alot of vegeterian stuff I don't remember... but i use to really like going there ( a bit expensive too)

          Good luck on your trip

        2. Quebec City, but most restaurants will do whatever you want. A friend of mine is a Vegan and when he comes to Quebec we just tell the waiter and they GET 'ER done....

          Vegetarian restos -

          Commensal V
          860 rue St. Jean (418) 647-3733

          Le Restaurant Zen V
          966, Boulevard René-Lévesque W (418) 687-8936

          Cafe Mille Feuille VF
          1394 Chemin Ste-Foy (418) 681-4520

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            I say skip Sherbrooke and go to North Hatley instead.

            You won't find much in Shebrooke (my hometown!)

            1. re: YUL PHL

              appreciate the fair warnings on sherbrooke ... but i'm in all of these towns for concerts. unless you can convince the performer....

              will check out all these places and report back on where we end up. i'll be leaving on the 25th so still have time to take in more recs! ;)

              1. re: rabidog

                You can definitely find decent vegetarian food at Le Cartier:

                I think the issue here is that a lot of the "destination" gastronomic restaurants tend to be located in the beautiful countryside in the Eastern Townships, but I don't think that is what you are looking for, and except for certain spas, I doubt most would particularly feature vegetarian cuisine.

          2. thanks for all your responses. i leave tomorrow morning for quebec - just spent the better part of an hour plugging all these recs into my GPS! i have a TON of places in montreal - more unfortunately than i have time for... but i have more days in quebec and some empty meal spots, after scouring the boards. any last quebec city recs?

            we are going to take the board's advice, eat at le cartier in sherbrooke, and hightail it out of there as soon as possible for montreal.

            i will report back when i return - thanks again all!