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Oct 4, 2007 07:41 PM

Dallas - Argentinian Restuarants

Does anyone have any recommendations for Argentinian restuarants in Dallas? I live in North Oak Cliff/Kessler Park and just tried a new restuarant called Don Panza (2850 W. Clarendon Drive, Dallas, TX 75211). It is a family-owned business with authentic Argentinian pizzas, empanada's, milanesas and other dishes. The restuarant is pretty nondescript, but the food is superb. The pizza is as good as anything I've had in Dallas and the empanadas with the spicy salsa were excellent. I highly recommend it.

Does anyone know of any other places like this in Dallas?

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  1. Haven't eaten here myself, but an Argentinian friend highly recommended Rafain's. Says it's tops.

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      From the looks of it, Rafain is a Brazilian churrascaria serving all the churrascaria mainstays (endless meat on skewers). Seems very similar to Fogo de Chao and Texas de Brazil. It looks all together different than what the OP is looking for.

      I do not know of any other restaurant that serves Italian inspired Argentinian fare in Dallas.

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        Rafain is not really what I had in mind, but it looks very good and I'll check it out when I get a chance, since I've been meaning to try out some of the Brazilian steak places like Texas de Brazil. The owner of Don Panza told me that there is a strong Italian influence in Argentinian food. Don Panza serves about 30 different types of pizzas and calzones. The owner said it is the only place like it he knows about in Dallas, but I wanted to check with some foodies to see if there is anything else out there I could compare it to.

        Thanks for the comments and the recommendation for Rafain.

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          Italian and Spanish influences, but if my memory and/or observations are worth salt, there aren't a whole lot of Argentinian restaurants around. Maybe New York City. If you do much cooking, that may be the best (and most reliable) way to explore Aregentina. Good luck!

      2. Just tried this at lunchtime. A real find. great empanadas (ordered additional to take home) and pizza topped with cheese and herbs.

        1. Just a quick update. I was back again for dinner last Friday night. In addition to more empanada's and pizza, I tried the Calzone, which was excellent. I also found out that, you can bring your own beer or wine, so add it to you list of bring-your-own wine places in Dallas.

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            Checked Don Panza out for dinner tonight. While the service and decor leave much to be desired, the food was pretty tasty. The pizza's are unique -- very crisp, dense, buttery crust. I had the chimichurri/mozerella pizza which was quite good. They have a number of toppings to choose from. Also sampled a couple of empanadas which were very good. They only list 4 (2 beef and 2 chicken) on the menu but have at least 5-6 other types including spinach, tuna, ham and cheese, blue cheese and ham. In talking with one of the owners, the secret to their empanadas is that they fry them in lard. After finding this out, I felt somewhat guilty about eating them but they are really crisp without tastying oily. Overall, would go back, but may think about ordering in advance next time as it took quite a while to get our food out despite the place being almost empty.

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              I forgot to mention (above) that this place is BYOB, so break out thay $100 Malbec you've been wanting to try.

              FYI: We didn't have the wait that you experienced.

          2. I've been in Dallas for almost 10 years. There are no Argentinian restaurants. Thanks for the recommendation of Don Panza.

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              Along with Don Panza there is the Argentina Bakery in Irving on Beltline (same shopping center as Target) and I believe there is an Argentinian store at Beltline and Rochelle not sure if it is still there but there was one about 2 -3 years ago (across from Ruen Thai and Pizza Hut_

            2. A place on Oak Lawn Ave. called Zaguan serves pan-South American fare including some Argentinian dishes, such as empanadas. They've gotten some very good reviews, although when I ate there, the food didn't exactly blow my skirt up over my face. I had the (Venezuelan) cachapas, which I'd heard nice things about, but the corn was very very chewy...