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Oct 4, 2007 07:16 PM

Very good oceanside restaurants ?!

Does anyone know of a fancy/casual restaurant on the beach that would sit a large party? about 15? My friends birthday is this weekend and her fav. food is itlain so it would really help if you had any suggestions. Also we live ot that far from manhattan beach so anywhere near would be awsome.

thanx so much!

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  1. Sorry - I grew up in Oceanside and there just isn't anything worthwhile there except Anita's Mexican (which is an institution, having been there over 40 years). Drive a little further south to Carlsbad and you will definitely find better.

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      At the Oceanside Harbor there are 3 restaurants that you can try-they're not awesome by anymeans and they are all chains- but, Monterey Seafood, Rocking Baja Lobster and Joes Crab Shack are there. It's nicer to go during the day-for the views.

    2. I'm probably alittle late w'a response but I have always enjoyed the fish and chips place at the harbor. Good chowder,really good fried zuchini and grilled fish and fish tacos. try it sometime for the fresh air,and view. The chains are mediocre at best there.

      1. maybe I don't get your post. Do you want a ocean side restaurant near Manhattan Beach, or do you want a restaurant in Oceanside California.

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          Gee, Littlestevie - I just re-read your post and think you hit the nail on the head. If they did want Manhattan Beach, would that qualify for a post on the LA boards as it is part of the south bay?

          Either way, I've lived in both cities... They will definitely dine better in an ocean-side restaurant in Manhattan Beach than ocean-side restaurant in Oceanside! (note capitalization to differentiate what we are talking about here!)