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Oct 4, 2007 07:07 PM


I am looking for a great BYOB restaurant in Montreal. Somewhere with great food and ambience. Any suggestions?

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  1. i like portovinos on the trans can, however it can get a bit loud since its packed everynight aka full house. Good food at good prices.

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      i find it disturbing that there is a bring your own wine restaurant o nthe side of a busy highway

    2. lindy, what kind of food do you like and what is your approximate price range? There is quite a range of byo (apportez votre vin) restos in Montréal and thereabouts.

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        Good French or Italian food. Price not an issue, will pay for a good meal. Have been to L'Infidel, very good. Has anyone heard anything about L'Academie?

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          L'Académie = faux bistro dreck. Seach the board for almost universally negative comments.

          My top pick is Le P'tit Plateau. Pricier and more elegant Le Bleu Raisin can also be superb. O'Thym, owned by the same people as Les Infidels and À l'os, is great, my favourite of the trio. Still haven't made it to Zeste de Folie but have yet to hear a less than enthusiastic word. While Christophe seems to be stuck in a rut, it's a very good rut to be stuck in. Les Héritiers is formulaic but quite good. Apollo is spendy, uneven and even charges corkage but can be stunning. La Colombe, Yoyo, Pégasse, L'Entrepont are fine but, imho, less interesting than the above.

          If there's a decent Italian BYO in town, I've yet to encounter it.

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            I'll second the recommendation for Bleu Raisin. It's a bit on the pricey side, but well worth the extra few bucks.

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              Been to Yoyo many times, and never been disappointed. I highly recommend it.

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                Thank you for the great info. I have just joined chowhound and find it so interesting. Am off to Rome for a few days. Has anyone been there recently, and if so, how about some GREAT restaurants, not touristy but great food, price not important if it is good.

                1. re: lindylou

                  Go to the Italy board on this site and you'll find lots of recommendations. I have been to Rome recently (last summer) but my budget was too limited to explore great restaurants (I was working for a non-profit and we were eating in-house). Not that I was suffering, mind you!

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            1. Tried most of the ones on the east side where I live... My personal favorite is À l'Os , many say it's too pricey but I think the originality and abundance of excellent food on the plate is worth the extra bucks... I do like also O'Thym (same owners). More classic is "Le Petit Plateau" also excellent, some say the service is a little rough... I never had any problems there but: don't be late, don't show up 3 if you've reserved for 4, don't be fussy or impolite and you'll be fine (say, act a bit like is you were in a Paris bistro !!!! ) Have not been to YoYo in a long time, have good memories of it. La Colombe was good a while ago, not as much now.... "À la découverte" is unexpensive, unimaginative and simple but regularly good ... Please don't go to L'Académie....

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                Did you try Le zeste de folie on Masson? I went there saturday and it was as good as ever. I had a salmon tartar as an appetizer that was incredible, the filet mignon was excellent and the "moelleux au chocolat" was to die for. They serve it with pineapple sorbet on the side and a small coconut milk shake. There is white chocolate inside the "moelleux"!

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