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Oct 4, 2007 07:00 PM

Post Ballet Suggestions???

We are in Paris from 26 December until 3 January. On 27 December we are going to the ballet at the Palais Garnier and taking a friend for his birthday. I know better than to have anything more than a tidbit before a performance or I'll be drowsy. Do any Chowhounds have suggestions for dinner after the Ballet? We're staying in the 1st on rue St. Honore. Suggestions are truly appreciated.

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  1. Le Petit Riche (old style after-theatre restaurant), le Café de la paix (much fancier, quite good, on the opera square), and next to your hotel are les Halles with several places that serve very late or even around the clock like Chez Denise, le Pied de Cochon, la Poule au Pot. Another place I would consider is the very fancy and jetsetty Chinese called "Tong Yen" in the rue Jean Mermoz (by the Champs Elysées), serves till midnight (meaning last order before midnight).

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      Thanks Souphie. I'm glad you weighed in.

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        I had my post-ballet dinner at au Petit Riche. As a celebration for my friend's birthday, it was a disaster. If any other chowhounds are even remotely considering this establishment, I urge you to mark it off, immediately; no, don't wait, get up and scratch through it now!. The service we received from a "french colonial" was perfunctory, condescending and inattentive all at once. I stopped the manager/maitre d' at one point and registered my complaint, however, there was no salvaging the evening at that point. Bad service from rude or ignorant people can be overlooked to a degree if the food is good. Needless to say, the food sent out from the kitchen was the culinary equal of our "french colonial" server. Well, at least the wine was good; au Petit Riche had no input on that! I hope that any establishment that shows consistent contempt for its patrons as au Petit Riche does, is on its last legs and will soon be just a bad memory. Ok fellow chowhounds, you have been warned.

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          It is a spectacularly irregular house. Sometimes food is really really good, sometimes quite disappointing. Service is always Parisian brasserie like, but there again, sometimes friendly, sometimes less. I still like it a lot and I am sorry for your bad experience.

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            Thank you Souphie. It was not that our service was "unfriendly" but was inept and incompetent. Our "french colonial" brought the wine to the table and left it--it was already open. 10 minutes later he had never bothered to return or even offer to pour the wine. As soon as stopped the maitre d' / manager and complained, he immediately knew who was responsible. As an aside, at a nearby table the couple had ordered a bottle of champagne and he brought then a carafe of white wine. Then he tried to argue. Perhaps I should have made it clearer that it was our server who was so inept and rude. I can only imagine that if his rudeness continues into his dealings with the kitchen staff, they care very little about what they send out with him. I must say that it was an experience which was so "bad" on different levels that I doubt I could be persuaded to return---unless it was in such obvious expert guidance as yourself. Souphie, you teach us all.

      2. The original comment has been removed