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Oct 4, 2007 06:52 PM

Maxim, Paris - How's the food?

Whenever the topic of 'fine dining in Paris' was discussed, the focus was always on Michelin star rated restaurants. However, there is one historically 'Great' restaurant - MAXIM that no one seems to mention. From what I read, Maxim used to be the top of the 3 stars until its owner had a feud with the editor of Michelin. Since then Michelin simply ignored it and refused to mention Maxim in its publication. However, I heard from a number of souces that the food there is still great and the price is still very steep. Has any fellow CH given it a try?

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  1. the story I have read is that Yves St Laurent bought it (still owns it) and attempted to milk as much money out of it as possible by turning the name of the restaurant into a brand for all sorts of junk. That explains why you see the tins of Maxim's cookies and candies, etc. in all the airport duty free shops. I have never been in there and with so many legitimately excellent restaurants in Paris, would not waste a night of dining there. I think it is a machine to milk money out of unsuspecting tourists who have heard the name Maxims associated with high end dining but don't know much more so are happy to drop loads of cash there and go back to Kansas talking about having eaten in the best restaurant in the world. Just my opinion. Maybe Souphie will admit to eating there and can give a more objective appraisal.

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      We were there years ago. I wouldn't necessarily eat there, but you could have a drink. It's a beautiful space, very art nouveau, and certainly worth seeing.

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        The fashion house that bought Maxim is Pierre Cardin and not Yves St. Laurent. As stated in the above post, the 'name" has become a marketing tool with branches in Beijing, etc and all sorts of food and decorative products.

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          Indeed -- Pierre Cardin is the owner, the food has no interest and is crazy expensive, and the place is historical. A touristic attraction (which is not necessarily bad -- but that's all you'll find there, tourists).

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            I will slam it one more time. It reminds me of a high end Cracker Barrel. They have the gift shop with the restaurant attached. They might as well put up a big sign in the window "Tour Busses Welcome".

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              Yes, and they tend to cater to stars and models-at least that's who I saw when I went in for un petit noir and croissant and paid 15E.

              Overrated indeed.

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              I confess; we had dinner there a few years ago. The food was great, musicians, dance floor....very retro. Poirot would be at home here. As guests, we didn't see the prices. Definitely an expense account crowd plus "special occasion" diners.