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Oct 4, 2007 06:33 PM

New Southern NH restaurants

Among the many new restaurants always opening, has anyone been to (or heard anything about) Sabitinos in Derry (supposedly a former North End Boston rest.) or Ciao Baby, which is in Manchester. I haven't been, but am interested in any info. on either. Thanks!

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  1. My son and daughter in law live in Londonderry. We have had take out fromSabitinos, it was excellent.

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      Sabitino's is on East Broadway in Derry, and it's fairly new.

      It's getting good reviews so far.

      If you like it, get the word out. Derry is in dire need of good places to eat!

    2. went to Sylvan St Grill last night (which is technically in Salisbury, MA), and it was much better than I thought it would be when pulling into the parking lot. From all first apperances, it looked to be another TGI Fridays rip off. It had a big tv on the billboard out by the street, and tacky decorations on the walls. But the menu was pretty decent. The soup de jour was southwestern chicken chowder. Could have used a little more heat, but otherwise pretty good. Theh taco salad was just decent (I ordered it because it was advertised to come with an avocado dressing, but they gave me salsa instead). My friends had an oyster pie and turkey tips, and they loved them. They also had a wide selection of frosty cold ones on tap, such as blueberry and rasberry beers, and pumpkin ale. Overall, I was pretty satisfied. And I definitely reccomend leaving room for dessert.