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Oct 4, 2007 06:28 PM

truffle olive oil

I just got as a present an Italian wonderul white truffle olive oil. Any suggestions on how to use it, besides putting it on every single thing I eat?

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  1. Savor, indulge, experiment, A little goes a long way. But I just might say I did have an extremely AWESOME sandwich the other week, Toasted whole wheat artisan bread, a perfect summer tomato and just made eggsalad, with some white truffle oil added with the mayo. I think I just re swooned!

    1. It's also delicious on an open faced sandwich with fontina - grill the bread, rub a little bit of truffle oil on it (you might want to dilute a little with regular olive oil) then melt fontina cheese on top. Also good with sauteed mushrooms under the cheese or a poached egg on top. You could drizzle the oil on top instead of rubbing it on the bread. Just becareful with it as it can be overpowering/cloying - go lightly until you figure out how much is the right amount for you.

      I've also used it in deviled eggs, and it is wonderful in mashed potatoes.

      1. Can anybody recommend a good brand to buy. For the price I want to make sure it's worth it. I see some say essence of truffle..i take it those aren't the best.

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          I have tried about at least 8 or so different brands of truffle oil, ranging from more expensive ones from Italy and France and some less expensive ones that you can get at grocery stores like Trader Joe's or Whole food. The best one I had is Urbani very far. Most of the other brands (especially the cheaper ones) taste much more "artificial". Urbani has a lot history of making truffle oil, and their oil does taste more "real" and natural. I have also tried the one O& Co that another hound mentioned, and compared to Urbani's the O& Co one is less intensive and less flavorful IMO.

          Urbani has both black and white truffle oil, and their porcini oil is pretty one too! Besides drizzling the oil ON the food, one way to actually incorporate it INTO the food is to add a little to mashed potato and whip it in. Or you can mix the truffle oil to butter and make truffle butter. Just be careful about the amount that use, as different brands have different intensity of truffle flavor, and usually a little goes a long way.

        2. Reality is that no "Truffle Oil" has truffles in it. All are chemically flavored. Some taste better than others.

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            I just bought one from Whole Foods that had hardly any truffle-ness to it. Possibly because it was too "natural." If I want the one-two punch of truffle oil, then, you know, I want to be able to use three drops and... BOOM.

            The one to avoid, IMO: BelAria Black Winter Truffles Infused Olive Oil ($13.49 for 1.8 ounces)

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              The one I have is from O& Co and it is described as "Italian Specialty produced using Ligurian extra virgin olive oil and the aromas of the white Alba truffle." I have no idea what "the aromas" means, but yeah, it might not be real truffles. It is delicious, however. I made some pizza with mushrooms and put some on it- great! I think I'll saute some veggies (asparagus, artichoke hearts), puta fried egg on them and drizzle some on it...

          2. I've used it on Mac & Cheese (made from scratch with really good cheese). Super delicious.

            Also, wild mushroom risotto with a dash of truffle oil is great.

            I always dash it on there at the end.