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Oct 4, 2007 06:18 PM

Thai Khao soy in the bay area?

Has anyone seen khao soy on a menu at a restaurant in the bay area? I had this soup in Chiang Mai, Thailand and haven't seen it on a menu since I've been back.
If not, does anyone have a good recipe for it?

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  1. Not hard to find, but you'll need to pay attention to the description of the noodle soup dishes on menus rather than looking for the name. Posts on the board for versions at Champa Garden in Oakland, Thai House Express in SF. Or follow this link to another for a recipe.

    1. It's on the menu at the new Tom Yong in Chinatown, but I haven't tried it.

      1. It's on the lunch menu at the Marnee Thai location on 9th Ave. and Irving.

        1. I have had it at Thai House Express (Larkin, SF) and Thep Naree (San Pablo, Albany). I don't know that I've ever had a really good version (the only other place I've had it that I remember is Sripaphai, Queens), but neither stands out for me as something I would crave again, even though when I think of the idea of coconut yellow curry chicken noodles with assorted condiments, my mouth waters. I think both were on the salty side, even for me, salt lover, and the seasoning was not as bright as I would have hoped it would be. But it's possible that all were spot-on, in terms of a platonic ideal.

          The Champa Garden version was distinctly different, thinner and with less of a yellow curry note, and (if I recall correctly) significant hits of broad-bean chili paste (not very spicy).

          It may be that my problem is that I want it to be more like a dish called "Indian Curry Noodle" that is served at several of the Sanamluang Cafe restaurants in LA County back in the early 90's. Although I had it recently at the Van Nuys restaurant and it was still pretty good. That dish is heavier and richer, thicker in the coconut and more aggressively seasoned, tending towards a spicy Mussaman curry rather than a yellow (gang garee). It is also made with beef rather than chicken, and garnished with preserved radish rather than preserved mustard. So maybe not a fair comparison.

          I agree with Melanie that the Burmese versions I've had have been more satisfying. Most recent: Larkin Express Deli, many recent posts, though when I was there the curries with the sour vegetable/bamboo shoot side were better (though I still enjoyed the ono kauk swer a lot).

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            From what I understand the Lao version of this dish is quite different from the Thai version (example: Is it possible that the one at Champa garden is the Lao rendition?

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              Is this similar to curry mee? That's one of the best dishes at Singapore-Malaysian on Clement.

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                It's just not very curry-y at all, so I am guessing not. I assume it's the Laotian rendition. Lately I only crave their Lao's noodle soup with chicken.

                I'll keep S-M in mind in case I'm out there sometime but traveling to far side of SF is only marginally more common than travel to SoCal or the East Coast to me.

            2. Yes! Chiang Mai Restaurant on Geary and 14th. They list it on the menu with beef, but you can order it with chicken as it is most often served in Chiang Mai.