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Oct 4, 2007 06:08 PM

Looking for Great Food in New Mexico


The Sweetheart and I are taking a trip to New Mexico soon. We're going from ABQ to Quemado to see The Lightning Fields as well as a trip up to Santa Fe.

What should we eat?

Moderate prices are good, we're open to any cuisine as long as its fantastic!



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  1. You'll actually be not far from the best green chile cheeseburger I've had (and, unlike some folks here, I've actually gotten OUT of Santa Fe), which was at the Buckhorn Bar in San Antonio, NM.

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      I'm from the Los Angeles board here -- I've never had a chile cheeseburger but plan to on our next trip to Santa Fe. What's the big deal? I like green chile, but can't quite imagine it on a burger. Locals -- explain!

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        I'm tired of that Erich hating on my Bobcat Bite green chile chzburger! J/k...kinda.
        My fav green chile burger in Santa Fe is at the Bobcat Bite and they use chopped green chile, but the quality of the meat is the best. It is simply delicious. In all honesty they probably just use Bueno frozen green chile because it doesn't seem fresh roasted. At home I roast my own and truly prefer it that way. I'm determined to make it to this Buckhorn Bar that Erich keeps hyping up.
        I linked a pic of the Bobcat bite does look yummy


        Santa fe-
        I like tecolote and the pantry for breakfast. The Pantry being very economical and Tecolote not too far behind. Pasqual's off the Plaza is the famous place to eat breakfast. Somewhat pricey and usually always a wait unless you don't mind the community table, but that also fills up rather quickly.

        I've had fab meal at Trattoria Nostrani for dinner, but pricey. Reservations.
        Tomasita's, varies in service and food, but I love it usually, inexpensive.
        La Boca for tapas. Very yummy and moderate in price. Reservations wise.
        Saigon Vietnamese Kitchen is tasty and cheap.

        Barelas coffee house for Breakfast/Lunch.
        Sadie's had a good meal there a few years back.

        1. re: Mattkn

          Bobcat's GC burger can be wonderful; no hate here. I just worry because some folks (not you, amigo!) call "best in the universe" with a limited experience. I'm sure Buckhorn can miss a few, too, but they've always been outstanding for me.

          Warning: Don't go to Nostrani wearing cologne . . . ! Their no-scents ("no sense"?) policy will get in the way. (As an Italian-American, I find this amusing in a restaurant with an Italian name - my Italian brethren are not likely to have a lot of patience with this policy. :-) )

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            Sounds great!

            Has anyone had any experience with the root beer at Route 66 Malt shop?

      2. Lots of great choices. Check previous posts, especially Gil's Thrilling Web Site
        Gil gives you a great perspective on restaurants throughout New Mexico.

        Jerry Saywell

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