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moving to Philadelphia, where are good food neighborhoods

Work will take us to Fox Chase area of Philadelphia, shorter commute preferred, but good restaurants, coffee shops, Trader Joe's all desired--is this possible in towns within 20 minutes of this area?

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  1. There is a Trader Joe's on Old York Road (611) near the Saturn Dealer. There is also one in Center City, and one in Ardmore (which is not near Fox Chase but it is a nice one with a Farmer's Market next door. It is 20 minutes outside of Philadelphia heading West on Lancaster).

    Good food neighborhoods are Chinatown (10th and Arch), Washington and 11th (and all around there is becoming Little Vietnam/Mexico).

    Old City has some decent places but a lot of them are trendy rip offs. Also the area around 20th and Pine has some good places.

    The Indian restaurants on 40th Street are not so great (but there are decent places in that area by Penn). For Indian that is not expense account priced you really need to go to the Suburbs (King of Prussia, near where I used to live, has a pretty good place called Jaipur and there is another one called Desi Village which people liked).

    There are numerous Tacquerias springing up in Norristown. Northeast Philly also has a lot of ethnic places.

    However, you really must go to the Reading Terminal Market (12th and Market) which is a food Emporium. Man I really miss that place!! Nothing like it, not even in NY.

    Must try the DiNics Roast Pork.

    Falafel in Philly sucks except for this one place called Mamas on 20th near Market. However, it had those Kosher hours which meant I could never get there on a Saturday....which means I never got there and cannot really comment first hand. Others liked it though.

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      Forgot to mention....

      Get the DiNics Roast Pork Sandwich with Sharp Provolone and Garlicy Greens. Man O Manashevitz! I wish I could get me one a those right now! It will have to wait until I come back to visit.

    2. I live in west philly and love the food here-- lots of e. african, food coop, a few nicer places, food trucks all around penn for lunch (work at home). but it's a little more of a coffee shop/budget place to live. If I could live anywhere it might be right smack in center city-- like in the upper teens or 20s-- a lot of small nice restaurants, go south and you're around Washington Ave, near Reading Terminal, etc. Nice thing about Philly is nothing is that far away (of course that depends on where you're coming from)

      1. Welcome to the area.
        Unfortunately, Fox Chase isn't easily known for quality restaurants.
        You'll need to either go to Center City for that or the western suburbs IMO.

        1. Try Moonstruck just south of the intersection of Oxford Ave (232) and Rhawn Street next to the Fox Chase train station. That should be close to you.If you like barbecue you should be close enough to Sweet Lucy's on State Street near Cottman - I haven't been there but it's supposed to be good and it's reasonably close to you. Probably a little more than 20 minutes is the Blue Sage in Southampton (vegetarian) and fun for lunch or an early dinner (also takeout) is the Allways Cafe in the shopping center at the intersection of 232 and Philmont Avenue.

          1. The best foodie neighborhoods are Center City, Olde City, Queen Village, and Northern Liberties. West Philly has some solid restaurants particularly ethnic, while Graduate Hospital is up and coming.

            1. fox chase is a difficult area. it is just about the middle point between all the major interstates without really being close to any of them. i just had to plan a dinner in that general area and could not come up with anything close. if you are looking to live in a place with good food options and commute to work, i'd suggest looking north of center city, a good commute/quality food compromise. two areas i looked at were chestnut hill/mt airy and northern liberties (settled in the latter, extremely happy here). from fox chase, they're both probably about a 30-min drive but both have more dining options. glenside is not far either, it's a cute place and i've had a couple decent meals there; try a search of the boards for that.

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                p.s. if you are looking for general neighborhood recommendations, the phillyblog message board is a fabulous resource. i post there under the same name. http://www.phillyblog.com/philly/

              2. if work is walking distance to the fox chase train station, you've got a lot more options of good neighborhoods to live in.

                1. Where is Fox Chase? I've lived in Philadelphia all my life and have never heard of it.

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                    It's way up in the northeast, by Jenkintown and Cheltenham. Almost in Montgomery County.

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                      Chesnut Hill, Roxborough/Manayunk and West Mt Airy would be a good in-between from Fox Chase to Center City. However, good food options are limited in these area

                      btw, the vast majority of good eats will be in Center City. You can always live in Center City and train it up to Fox Chase

                  2. Short answer: Yes. As noted, Jenkintown (next town over from Fox Chase) is home to one of the two Trader Joe's in Philly area (the other in Center City). Nearby is Whole Foods, decent Thai (White Elephant, Huntingdon Valley, Thai Thanee in Abington), Japanese, Barbeque (Abners, Jenkintown) and numerous steakhouses, family restaurants and chain places like Starbucks, Houlihans, and Hibachi.

                    The longer answer is that Fox Chase is more suburban than urban, so you'll be driving to go anywhere, anyway. Walking-scale areas with restaurants, coffee shops and good grocers don't really exist, with the possible exception of Chestnut Hill in Philly. Maybe that's your solution. But if the 20 minutes you're referring to is drive time, then yes, you can find it all.