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Oct 4, 2007 05:33 PM

Need ideas for "fun" dinner this weekend

My daughter has asked for help in gathering some ideas for a place she and a friend , both college juniors, can go for dinner this weekend. Silly, since I live in CA and am not really up to date on the NYC restaurant scene ! They are looking for something fun, where they can dress up and have a veg friendly meal. One of them is vegetarian. After exams last May, they went to Buddaken and really enjoyed it. They are underage, so the bar isn't important. Since mom and dad are funding this, price isn't too much of a concern either. Thanks!

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  1. Maybe Dos Caminos. Their fish taco are really good and the space on Park avenue is fun!

    1. Do they live here or are they visiting? If so, from where?

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        This is their year at Columbia. Having said that, I don't think they know the city well. And they are both from the Bay Area.

      2. how about The Stanton Social? thats a great/fun place for them to try. lots of small dishes to share and the neighborhood is so much fun on its own.