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Oct 4, 2007 04:20 PM

Recipe for Peruvian Chicken Dipping Suace

I've moved away from the DC area and used to frequent Crisp N Juicy for roast chicken. I have a place close to me now that makes delicious chicken, but the sauce isn't great. The sauce I loved was spicy and creamy. It was a VERY light orange/pink in color. I could eat it with a spoon, but can't figure out what was in it. Any one have any ideas? It isn't the creamy yellow sauce that is usually mild. Help!

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  1. Could this recipe be what you describe? (the picture shown is not the recipe):'


    1. It might be rocoto - the orangish-reddish counterpart to aji, the green sauce that is much more common in Peruvian restaurants - at least here in LA. In fact, the only place that I've personally had it is a Peruvian restaurant with the same namesake - El Rocoto.

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        I spent forever on line last night looking for a recipe - and I think you might be right. I found a reference to something called crema do rocoto - made with half and half. I think this is it. I'm going to attempt to translate the recipe I found and see what happens.

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          If what you had is the same general sauce that I get at El Rocoto, it's kinda similar to the green sauce (aji) in that it's kind of rich, has a bit of a garlicky niceness to it, and the peppery chile kick is present but not overbearing, and doesn't rip your gut out like some other really chile heat-intensive sauces. Unlike aji, it doesn't have any herby cilantro-like overtones. Good luck!

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            A red aji (the Andean name for all chiles) that isn't super hot is aji panca. Latino groceries sell it dried and as a paste. Heat level is similar to anchos. A pink sauce that is flavorful but not real hot may combine this paste with mayo or cream. Aji rocoto is much hotter, more like a habanero.


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            How did the recipe turn out - and are you willing to share it - if it was good?

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              Hi there, i used to live in DC and LOVED C&J!!! I have been trying to get the recipe for the yellow sauce for years. any luck?

          3. My friend and I call that "Crack Sauce." Seriously. It is SO good. Now I know what's for lunch today. :-)

            1. Try this huancaina sauce.

              -1 white fresh cheese
              -only 1 or half of orange spicy depends how spicy you like( found in frozen food by vegetable shape like jalapenos but orange color).
              -1 cup of regular oil.
              -1 can evaporated milk.

              Throw it all in a blender.