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Oct 4, 2007 04:08 PM

I only like meat and potatoes

Does anyone know how you go about expanding an adult's pallette. This is mostly a psychological issue. I know that hypnotism has worked for some. I'm looking to do some reading before embarking on any sort of psychological experiment. Please help, my wife doesn't like vegetables and the only proteins she eats are chicken, beef, and pork this is troubling for a foodie when cooking and dining.

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  1. I think you have to take something she likes and slowing integrate some vegetables into the recipe. For instance, make a cauliflower puree or mashed carrots/rutabaga instead of potatoes. Make a potato gratin but add artichoke, turnip or mushrooms, etc. Substitute fried green beans for french fries. I think if you find recipes for things she likes to eat but slowly change it to include a vegetable she thought she didn't like then she may become for adventureous in trying new things.

    1. Rather than substituting mashed vegetables for mashed potatoes, why not just mash the cauliflower into the potatoes with lots of butter. That might be a painless way to introduce her to vegetables. Does she take vitamins?

      1. Well, this may not be the healthiest way to make vegetables, but making a creamy soup out of just about any veggie is delicious- start with a creamy carrot soup, then potato and broccoli (maybe throw in some bacon), then move on to cauliflower and broccoli without the potato... you know, she might like a Thai soup or noodle dish with meat (they always sneak things like peppers and eggplant in there). Will she eat pasta with tomato sauce? It's pretty easy to get some mushrooms and eggplant in there, too. Will she eat white pizza? Beg her to try it with spinach on top- if there's enough garlic (I can't even believe I'm writing this- sorry, Mom) she won't even taste the spinach. Or maybe a big baked stuffed potato- with plenty of cheese and bacon, of course, but also some vegetables.

        1. A smattering of random ideas...

          Add them to quesadilla or burrito fillings, esp sweet potato burritos

          Add them to meatloaf

          Add to lasagna

          Butternut squash or spinach or mushroom ravioli

          Make a tapenade out of mushrooms and eggplant and sundried tomatoes for crostini

          spinach-artichoke dip

          Stuffed chicken breasts with spinach and fontina or provolone

          Chicken salad with veggies of your choice mixed in

          Ratatouille... i know, i know, it's pure veggies but maybe if you top with a dollop or two of ricotta cheese?

          Spaghetti squash sauteed w/ garlic, olive oil, and topped w/ parmesan

          Frittatas and quiches

          Zucchini bread/muffins

          Gazpacho or vicchysoisse

          1. lots of luck. my grandmother made the worst vegetables in the world. grandpa grew em in the backyard.... beautiful fresh, perfect. and if dinner was at 6 grandma would have him go pick them at 3:30. At 4 she started boiling them - boiling not simmering. She would throw a ton of salt into the water too.

            as a result my dad won't touch vegetables to this day. he picks them out of his food, and if he can't pick them out, he just doesn't eat. From personal experience of watching this behavior for half a centruy now I can say that trickery is not the key. The few vegetables he would eat my mom could pretty much only get him to eat raw. Now that he is getting older, he is more intractible than ever and even getting him to eat a green salad is nearly impossible. And when my stepmom tries to put too many veggies in meatloaf or lasagne, or tries to make a soup... forget it. He tastes the vegetables and stops eating. Yes, it is a huge ordeal. Yes, he would have skinned my brother and I alive for acting that way. But thats how he is.

            I think you are going to have to have a registered nutritionist talk to her, explain to her why she really can't get everything she needs out of a vitamin pill and some metamucil. If the nutritionist can convince her to try things don't start with broccoli or brussell sprouts.

            You may be able to start with fruits, and you may have to turn them into pie or something with lots of sugar to begin with. Maybe from there you can branch into a sweet potato pie. Once she is used to the flavor of apples and maybe berries (and sweet potato) as part of a differnt kind of dish, she might not object so much to it in a more natural state - eventually. It is going to take time, it is going to take patience, it is going to take trust.