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Oct 4, 2007 04:07 PM

King's Hawaiian (Torrance)?

So my friend and I are meeting up at King's Hawaiian after hearing great things about the paradise cake. Is it everything it's cracked up to be? Some on line snooping also unearthed positive comments about their guava chiffon cake. They sound delicious--dare I hope delicious enough for a wedding?

Secondly, if we're there I'll definitely buy some bread after reading about how great it is for French toast. But is the restaurant worth a stop for lunch? Or should I look into nearby ramen options since I don't get down there often?

Is Musha open for lunch? I know, I know, call.

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  1. King's Hawaiian is one of those strange dichotomies, at least in my experience. Stopped one day in the eveing, wanting to pick some nice breakfast/bakery items. Wow, was everything tasty. 2 weeks later, happen to be hungry and in the area, dinner must be just as good right? Wrong. Limp salad, average or below average tasting food. Get the paradise cake, which I *have* tasted, and is totally worth it, and get the heck out.

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      from the entree the lau lau was good .. everything else i tried was pretty much forgetable

      1. Stick to the bakery. The stuff there is great. If you must eat a meal there, the french toast made with their bread, sprinkled with macadamia nuts and served with coconut syrup is a pretty good breakfast, but most everything else can be found better elsewhere in the South Bay.

        1. I'm not really big on Hawaiian food, so personally I'd eat elsewhere. But if you like it or just want to try King's, it's not bad. The Loft is probably better, but King's is alright too.
          I've only had the Dobash cake from King's, which lots of people rave about, but I guess it would have to be your kind of thing to rave about it. To me, it just wasn't special at all.
          I love french toast made with brioche; have never tried it with the king's hawaiian bread, but that sounds really good.

            1. LIke others have mentioned, King's strength is in its baked goods. If you're interested in their guava offerings, another flavor you might be interested in is passion fruit (lilikoi). I've had this one offered in cakes a few times and it's quite pleasant, sweet and a bit tart, and the tropical undertones are more subtle than the guava.

              The food served there is really hit & miss - more misses than hits. On my last visit, I ordered the poki which was underseasoned (almost like they had just whipped it together and forgot the soy sauce and sesame seed oil) and very small for what they charged, and all of the other standards (kalua pork, lau lau, fried saimin) were just okay by South Bay standards. I've never had breakfast there so maybe if it's an early lunch, you can catch some of those menu items as well.