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Oct 4, 2007 04:00 PM

Driving back from Pittsburgh to D.C.

Any good eats along the way?

I think we're taking the only route we know of...76 to 70 to 270...?


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  1. In Hancock, MD there is a place called the park and dine. It isn't haute cusine, but they have some good country eats on the menu. Good mac and cheese, that kind of thing.

    Also in Hagerstown exit I think 63B the one to the outlet there is an AC&T gas station right before you get to the outlets which has really good fried chicken, potato wedges and etc.

    Then there are some good places in Frederick. I can't think of any by name, but you can probably look for a thread on Frederick, MD here or on the mid-atlantic board, also I think the Washington Post includes Frederick in their reviews.

    And could you bring me back a primanti bros. sandwich? j/k

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    1. re: ktmoomau

      Second Park and Dine. Whatever the daily special is.

      And bring us all back some hotdogs and large fries from the Dirty "O".

      1. re: ktmoomau

        The Park n Dine famous turkey sandwich smothered with gravy is ok. It's fresh turkey, true, and fine if you have to eat in the Hancock area but I wouldn't make a special trip for it.

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          Will second the AC&T chicken. Sooo good!! Feels odd to be eating in a gas station but its fresh.

          1. re: MrsWheatie

            I know right? I believe the chicken place existed well before the outlets, but that sure did give them an upgrade. At least they have some booths. That I think is kind of a small town rural thing to have good food at gas stations and convienence type places. I wish they would upgrade the roll though, but with the chicken, mac and cheese and potatoe wedges being so good I really don't need a roll too, LOL.

        2. Stop in downtown Freederick for tons of options. Very charming town and not far out of your way at 70/270. Isabellas is great for tapas. The Tasting Room and Brewer's Alley are good, too. La Paz is decent mexican.

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          1. re: goodfoodrules

            If you decide to stop in frederick, there is a fabulous Ethiopian restaurant downtown - Tajitu, on East Patrick - I have been there 3 times and loved each experience.

          2. Do yourself a favor. If you have the time get off of Rt 70 at Hancock and drive eight miles south on Rt 522 to Berkeley Springs. There you will find one of the most amazing reastaurants called "Lot 12". This is semi high end dining but it is worth the trip and you will not be disappointed for your small detour.

            If you just want to stop in Hancock I would stay away from "Park and Dine" and go to "Weavers" instead. Same premise but without the attitude. Plus "Park and Dine" has become somewhat of a tourist trap. Safe travels!

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            1. re: TheFarm

              Have not been to Lot12 but I would recommend Tari's Cafe in Berkeley Springs. In Frederick, there is Monocacy Crossing along with many other choices in town.


            2. Nice thread - I make this drive all the time and usually resign myself to grabbing fast food at Breezewood.

              1. Not Breezewood. Ever. I done that drive dozens of times and would recommend the Schmankerl Stube in downtown Hagerstown above anything else recommended here. Real deal Bavarian food and Charlie is a great host, even if he does make the waitresses wear those silly outfits. Great wurst platter, excellent smoked pork loin, pork and beef medallions, good beer on tap too. I like Lot 12 but unless you plan to spend some time in Berkeley Springs you probably won't want to make the detour because by the time you're done dinner you will still have quite a ways to drive so keep that in mind. By the time you get to H'town you'll definitely be ready to stop but when you're done eating you'll only have an hour and a half left to go.