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Oct 4, 2007 03:40 PM

Teapot like Mariage Freres

This is the arrangement of the pots they use at Mariage Freres. I don't think it is exactly the same, but darn close. A pot with an infuser and a lined metal cozy.

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  1. This looks pretty nice. Does it really keep it H-O-T for an hour?
    I am often interrupted and usually end up drinking room-temp tea; the flavor is okay, but hot tea is superior for many reasons. If I make really good quality tea, I am always reluctant to toss it or even zap it in the micro...just not the same for me. So, have you used this pot...and?

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      I'm not a major tea drinker and have not used this pot except for the ones at Mariage Frere. All I can say about this is that it is the style used by Mariage Freres and if it's good enough for Mariage Freres, it's probably pretty good. They should know. I notice that this pot is also made in France. I hope someone has experience with this one sold by the MoMA and can tell us.