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Oct 4, 2007 03:22 PM

Help!!....Alton's Mac & Cheese

I was hoping to make Alton's recipe for mac and cheese tonight, however, I just found out I do not have any dry mustard.

Can I leave it out? The only thing I have for substitution would be table mustard or mustard seed.

What do you think??? Thanks.

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  1. Grind mustard seeds for dry mustard. Using wet mustard would not be bad either, it's usually just mustard (dry or seed), water, vinegar, wine.

    1. I would just use a dollop of the table mustard. I'm guessing the amount is small enough that the difference between dry mustard and prepared mustard won't be too noticeable (couple of teaspoons maybe?)

      1. Thanks....I used table mustard. It was great.....given the great reviews on previous posts and this was the first time I made it. Husband said it was just ok.....he's a fan of the box kind....ugh.

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        1. re: Terri C

          "Husband said it was just ok.....he's a fan of the box kind....ugh"

          LOL...this is one thing I've learned to let go, over the years. I make killer HOME MADE from SCRATCH M&C..ask anyone, ANYONE, in our group, except for DH and DD. He was raised on the blue box, she also eats it at Gram's.

          I've just quit fighting is too short.

          1. re: OldDog

            My DH likes the orange box - and by that, I mean STOUFFER's FROZEN. He loves it and before we were married he would get a whole party tray of it and eat it over the course of 2 days for all meals.

          2. re: Terri C

            That's what I usually do, too. I love this recipe! One of the few homemade macky cheese recipes that actually creates a smooth, creamy sauce -- not greasy and chunky like so many other homemade macs.

          3. Just to answer your original question for future reference: I don't like mustard so I leave it out, and it tastes great. It's just a flavoring, after all, so leaving it out isn't going to wreck the recipe, just change the flavor, and if you're using good, strong cheese, it already has plenty of flavor. I also sometimes add a little sriracha instead of hot sauce, but actually, I prefer it with just cheese.

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            1. re: Ruth Lafler

              Cheers to you Ruth. I just can't wrap my palette around mustard in mac and cheese either. And if I hear nonsense about a thickener, well...anway, sriracha has been my go-to as well to dress up mac and cheese type items lately. It can really add a great note to lots of dishes.