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Oct 4, 2007 03:20 PM

Need a good not too pricey restaurant in tribeca

I don't know the area at all. I seem to remember that there was a good Vietnamese place down there?

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  1. What's "not too pricey"? We have been to Gigino (Italian), ROC (Italian) and Salaam Bombay (has a prix fixe lunch not sure if there is a dinner one). All are good (not fabulous). There's a middle eastern place on a corner, maybe Yaffa? I think it's more reasonable. I have not been there in awhile. There is a Malaysian place near MaryAnn's (Mexican). Maybe that's what you're thinking of? I went there once a long time ago and it was good and reasonable. Maybe it's still there. I go to the East Village more than TriBeCa, so other hounds can probably be more helpful. I'd probably go to Chinatown for Vietnamese food.

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      I guess by not pricey, I meant no $30-$40 main courses. Place doesn't need to be too cheap though. My husband's band is playing at the knitting factory and a few of us want to get dinner beforehand.

    2. Blaue Gans and Upstairs at Bouley are my favorites.

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        Aren't these more upscale (aka pricey)? We walked by Blaue Gans the other day, what would you suggest there?

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          Wiener schnitzel if it's your first time. Pork belly is good. Desserts are fantastic. It's not upscale--it's pretty casual.

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            Thanks, Lucia. So probably not good for me (don't eat red meat). . .

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              I thought pork was "the other white meat"? I've had some good fish there as well--a bass. On the other hand, my one miss was another white fish... I can't recall what it was, but it wasn't one of my favorites.

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            Upstairs is amazingly affordable. If you do a search for their website, they have prices listed. The only catch is that they don't take reservations and it's tiny, so if there are a lot of you it wouldn't work.

        2. Landmarc on West Broadway is not too pricey and very near the Knitting Factory; food is okay but atmosphere is great and downtown loft-y. Upstairs at Bouley is really good and inexpensive, but you have to go at off-hours to get in.

          1. There is a Vietnamese place called Viet Cafe on Greenwich and Harrison Streets that is not too pricey and has good -- sort of nouveau Vietnamese -- food.

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            1. re: mjkane

              I think this must have been the Vietnamese place I was thinking of. Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

              1. re: Aimee

                Actually there is another one called Nam. Not sure which one but you can search them on menupage and see which looks good to you.

            2. Duane Park on Duane St. is elegant, reasonably priced, dependable.

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              1. re: simetrias

                Petite Abeille on W. Broadway is a good place to go. They have some smarter dishes, but also hamburgers at a reasonable price and they will serve you vast quantities of mussels if you want them.

                1. re: simetrias

                  I think we walked by this place the other day as we were heading to Gigino and wanted to try it. It looked charming! Any suggestions on what to order?