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Budapest - Restaurants in Buda/Castle District

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I will be leaving for Budapest in a few weeks and will be staying in the Castle District. I will be arriving on a Friday at around 11AM. Can someone recommend any good Hungarian restaurants in either the Castle District or on the Buda side for lunch that day and also for dinner? Nothing too formal, as it will be our first day in the city. I'm afraid we'll be delirious from our long flight and wander into some tourist trap out of desperation, but I think we might be too tired to venture into Pest. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Is this you first time to Budapest?

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      Yes. Any recommendations would be much appreciated.

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        I am afraid I cant recommend anything on the Buda side but I asked if it were your first time to Budapest because Pest is not texactly far from Buda. Venturing into Pest is not hard to do at all. Maybe a 3 minute cab ride.

        On the buda side there is a pastry shop called Ruszwerm that we always visit. Very good kremes.

        I know you didnt ask, but on the Pest side, I would suggest Gundel for a nicer dinner.

        Another favorite is Carpathia. Great stuffed cabbage and you might even be serenaded by a good gypsy band.

        Also, dont forget to wander around the Great Market Hall just on the other side of the river from the Gelert on the Pest side. BTW...Gelert has great stuffed cabbage and cucumber salad too.

        Have fun!


    2. Hi-I was in Budapest in March and stayed on the Buda side (Hotel Victoria). Down the street from there is a great restaurant I found recommended here on Chowhound. It's called "Carne de Hall". Not really "traditional" Hungarian, but really nice with excellent service.
      Here's the link to my blog page on it:
      I also enjoyed the Great Market hall and a restraurant/wine bar across the street from it called Borbirosag. (5 Csarnok Ter). For write up and photos:
      Have fun!

      1. Funny, I just got back from Budapest on Monday and logged on to give two restaurant recs -- one in the Castle District. It's called Cafe Pierrot and it's just down the street from the Hilton. The address is 14 Fortuna Street (Utca). It's pricier than the cafes but it's so beautiful and you just feel so much like you're in Budapest --- and our food was wonderful.

        1. There are a few cafes by the Danube on the Buda side, with a good view of the castle. Nothing spectacular, but decent.

          There is a zagat/michelin rated restaurant on "walking street" where I had a decent, not so expensive meal...its name escapes me for now.

          1. I just returned from Budapest this week. I had a wonderful lunch at "Boston Restaurant". I had a wonderful salmon dish with a coconut piquant sauce, haricot verts (beans) and roasted potatoes. My mom had a great high end burger. The drinks of lemon & spritzer were devine! I can't say enough good things about this high end restaurant! Our meal was only $36 Canadian, which is so cheap. The decor is slick modern, with a great washroom! You won't be disappointed. The restaurant is at 1051 Bp. Erzsebet. Telephone 411-1893. It is located just off the local park.

            1. As kja1 mentioned above, Cafe Pierrot is a perfect choice. I had a memorable meal there last year, the food is delicious, with a very extensive menu, the service and atmosphere are perfect. Try the roasted sheep's cheese wrapped in bacon for an appetizer.

              If you like game, there is a very good place that specializes in it, just down the hill from the castle, called Aranyszarvas (the golden stag). The food is traditional, but not heavy. I had a dessert of cheese and apple dumplings with blueberry sauce that were light as a feather. The dumplings served with the main course were also very light and delicious. The venison and wild boar are great. but avoid the partridge, it had virtually no meat on it.

              When you do get over to Pest, you must go to Gundel. It is expensive, but less than in western Europe for the quality, and the atmosphere is indescribably beautiful.

              For a delicious and inexpensive lunch or dinner, Menza has great food in a fun retro atmosphere. The fish soup with carp was even better than the one I had at Gundel.

              1. Oops, just noticed the date on your post. I'm probably too late. Hope you had a great time and maybe my post will be of interest to other hounds.