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Oct 4, 2007 02:07 PM

London - Dinner with Dad - A challenge for you?


I am taking my Dad out for dinner in London next week and need some help. I have lived in Canada for 6 years so my local knowledge is, well, nill. Here are the parameters:

- He is in his 60's and loves good food and lively atmospheres (think Wolsley, not Gavroche like food shrines).
- Price not an issue but would like something in central London.
- Not "fussy" food (heavy sauces or Fat Duck type creative cuisine).

You can see I have a challenge for you!

Originally thought about Locanda Locatelli but that does not open until 7 and we need a 6pm reservation. Ideas?

Cheers all.

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  1. Great Queen Street is nice - not fussy but good, basic food. I had delicious lamb there. The atmosphere is simple and the service was very good. I'm thinking it may not be quite lively enough if that's what your dad enjoys. Galvin Brothers?

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      I had a nice meal at GQS--and it was super lively. The place was packed and there was a lot going on. So maybe it depends on what day of the week it is?

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        Yes, we were there on a Saturday afternoon for lunch. We needed an early meal which explained why it wasn't too busy until we were about to leave. I can imagine how it would be packed in the evenings. It wouldn't bother me, but some people like quiet dinners. These days, I'm just happy not to be cooking!

    2. You know--I haven't been but I sent friends to Wild Honey (sister of Arbutus) and they loved the atmosphere, the food, and the service. They went on and on about the atmosphere, in particular. Might be worth researching, or seeing if anyone on the boards will back me up on this one?

      1. I guess not too many places are full at 6pm though the closer to the theatres the more likely I guess

        I really like Carpaccio on Sydney Street just off the Kings Road

        Very lively: often a few famous faces: great Maitre D'/owner, Guido who ensures lively. Fabulous Italian food and wine and a great selection of.......carpaccio

        Hard to get in so book early

        1. Try St Alban in Lower Regent St - went there last night and had a fab meal. Menu is great - its owned by the Wolsley guys - even spotted Parky there surrounded by a gaggle of 20-somethings. Food at Wild Honey was great as well - its smaller and more intimate than St Alban, so if you're dining early might be better for you