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Oct 4, 2007 02:03 PM

The Del in Playa

Has anyone been to The Del in Playa Del Rey? It's where La Marina used to be and is owned/run by the Beechwood people. We're doing a girl's night tonite and wondering if there's something in particular we should try. Thanks!

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    1. Haven't tried it or heard anything about it - but if you're looking in that neck of the woods and haven't tried it, I highly recommend The Minotaure on Culver on your way to The Del.

      1. I ate here tonight, it was alright. They've made great improvements to the space, it's very different from La Marina. The crowd was mostly similar though, definitely more mature as opposed to young and hip. Not that we're particularly trendy, but aside from one other table Mr Boo and I were the only non-grey-haired people there tonight (not at all a bad thing, but given that the same guys own Beechwood, Alibi and The Brig we expected a much younger vibe). I found the several flatscreen tvs jarring in the dimly lit lounge. They don't fit in with the warm fireplace and leather booths and the art adorning the walls is comically awful.

        Now for the food! The cheese plate was unexciting, none of the selections jumped out at me and the fruity and nutty bread was dry and stale. It was thinly sliced and would have benefited from a quick toasting. Tarte flambee was excellent, grilled thin crust flatbread topped with bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes with fromage blanc and barely caramelized onion. I would absolutely order this again! Spinach salad with scallops was okay, the scallops would have been tastier if they had a bit of a sear on them. As they appeared to be steamed they were somewhat lacking in flavor. Dessert was the chocolate trio which was very good but unadventurous. I'd classify it as upscale bar food, definitely a cut above the usual but not in the same league as Beechwood. Service was excellent.

        I would like to return and try the burger as I love the burgers at Beechwood, Alibi and the sadly defunct Amuse.

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          Thanks for the report. Must venture in, under strict orders to stick with the tarte flambe for now.

          1. re: Cinnamon

            I went last night too, and I have to concur on the tarte flambee, I couldn't stop eating it. I also recommend the parpadelle with lamb, it was very tasty. I do hope they will expand their wine list when they open for real. I also agree about the tvs, they don't fit in with the ambiance.

        2. I dined there last week and was disappointed. I was excited when i heard it was opening and was going to have tvs. My thoughts were... great food and a place to catch some games. Sadly disappointing, the place is closed on Sundays and Mondays- two of the biggest sporting days.

          That aside, the food was disappointing. Mediocre at best. I had the fish. NOt very flavorful and on the dry side. When trying to order buffalo wings discovered the restaurant did not offer ranch. Is this possible? My dining companion had the fish and chips. It was ok.

          Don't like the ambience as they can't seem to decide if they are a sports bar or a restaurant. The A/C was too high and the blalck vinyl booths are simple understated and offer nothing special.

          Truly disappointing experience. I would only return for a drink.