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Oct 4, 2007 01:50 PM


In need of fresh sushi grade fish for dinner party. Any one knows of a good fishmonger that carries a variety of fish? Thanks.

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  1. For the most variety, I'd try the Maine Avenue Wharf. I'd have to ask others if they carry sushi grade, though.

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      Even if a vendor there claimed sushi grade (which I doubt), I wouldn't do it. I think Maine Avenue is fine for crabs, shrimp and local fish that will be cooked, as well as for a cheap and tasty fried fish lunch. I eat there all the time, and I eat raw oysters there without a second thought as long as they're shucked on the spot, but I wouldn't eat raw fish from there.

    2. We've had good luck with Springfield Seafood in the blue mall on the east side of Backlick Rd. in Springfield. The guy's very nice and they'll put in special orders for stuff.

      1. Where are you located?

        In MoCo, RiverFalls is absolutely the best, but you pay dearly for it.

        I've gotten some nice sushi-grade tuna and salmon at the Lotte Korean market in Germantown.

        1. You could try Black Salt in Palisades. They have a nice little fish market in the front of the restaurant. I'd call ahead, though, to check what they have. They've also offered to order fish for me.

          Though I have never tried one, I hear that many of the Asian markets in the area (Great Wall, Lotte, etc.) have good sushi quality fish.

          1. There was just a "where to find fresh fish" thread (not specifically sushi) here a week or two ago, that had more suggestions than you've gotten so far. Might want to search for it.