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Best donuts around Los Feliz?

I'm new to LA, overwhelmed with the donut options..haven't gone to any yet. Are any around Los Feliz really good?

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  1. yeah guess there are none..how about including Hollywood, SIlverlake, and Glendale?

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      Really good doughnuts are further west. I think the closest to you would be Bob's in the Farmers' Market to get something great.

      That being said, the California Donuts Chain works for me in a pinch, but it's not any kind of destination.

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        If you're heading toward Pasadena, do not fail to try Big Mama's Donuts in Highland Park. These are classics: cake, raised and old fashioned, with a superior apple fritter. Exit the 110 at Ave. 52, west to Figueroa, north past Ave. 54 and left into the not-so-mini-mall parking lot. They also sell ice cream, coffee, and lotto tickets.

      2. How is Koreatown for a location? If okay give P N Donut a try, (a little unfortunate with the name I will admit).

        P N Donut
        612 S Western Ave
        Los Angeles, CA 90005-3022
        Phone: (213) 384-0985

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            I have been once and it had a really wide variety of donuts and Mexican sweet bread / rolls. I like cream / custard filled and the day I was there they had a good selection and they were very good.

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              went today and the building is no longer there :(

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                Sorry. Things change so darn fast around here it's not even funny.

        1. There is a shop on the northeast corner of Hillhurst and Franklin, fairly standard donuts, but always very fresh and you can get the eclairs with real whipped cream that they will fill while you wait. Fantastic.

          1. Alex Donut on Franklin near Argyle was my goto choice in the general vicinity but sadly they are under new ownership and quality has dropped precipitously. There are donut shops at Vermont/Melrose and Beverly/Virgil but haven't tried them yet.

            1. It's a bit south of Los Feliz; try Michelle's Donuts on the SE corner of Santa Monica and Edgemont (catty corner from Marouch Hollywood which some folks have posted about favorably). When it's my turn to bring donuts to church I pick up 4-5 dozen and there's never any to take home afterward. I'm partial to the chocolate frosted buttermilk myself.

              The little "mall" it's in looks pretty dicey. There are always no less than a dozen day laborers hanging around inside and out-, and the open-lid dumpster wreaks from the rotting garbage of the Bonita mexican restaurant also in that mall, but I've never been disappointed with a donut there (but c'mon, how high a bar does anyone set on a doughnut?). Since I've mentioned Bonita, it's not bad, homestyle Mexican fare; I've been in 2-3 times. Lot of food for cheap. They don't bother with a menu for the most part. Just tell them what you want and they'll make it; you almost feel like the price is negotiable since it's not printed, it's pretty weird that way.

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                I've never been to Michelle's but I always laugh when I drive by because it looks exactly like a Winchell's but it's NOT. It's MICHELLE'S!

              2. If you're new to L.A., you probably want to introduce yourself to THE GROVE, and better yet the Farmer's Market next door to it.
                Bob's Donuts has great almost-burned apple fritters , and some great filled donuts too. Next door to Bob's is Bennett's Ice Cream.........and you may have already noticed that good homemade ice cream is hard to find in L.A.

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                  "and you may have already noticed that good homemade ice cream is hard to find in L.A."

                  See the SCOOPS threads.

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                    I said "hard to find" not impossible.....Fosselman's in Alhambra and Glacier in Manhattan Beach are good too.
                    Hmmm....two to four good places in a city of 8 million people? Boston we aint!

                2. can't think of the name of the place..but it's located in a strip mall on Hillhurst and Prospect. Hot and fresh donuts from 6:30 am on...and fresh makes a big difference.

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                    are you thinking of daily donuts?

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                      I'm a big fan of Daily Donuts. Who wants to drive to the Farmer's Market from Los Feliz for donuts if that's all you are getting?

                      Daily is fine and the product is fresh. Also, interesting local characters hang out there.

                  2. Tang's... at Franklin and Canyon. In a mini-mall across the street from Gelson's. Solid mini-mall donuts. Always filled with a weird assortment of slightly crazed locals. (Just had a chocolate iced donut from Daily Donuts - not bad, either.)