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Oct 4, 2007 01:30 PM

CF Donovans HP Update?

I searched for the status of CF Donovans opening in Hyde Park and the last I saw was they were scheduled for June.

Does anyone have any status? Just decided to take a HP'er out to dinner tonight and that seemed like a great option but I am afraid it is not yet open. Any other HP options I am missing?

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  1. Unfortunatly, Hyde Park options are still very limited. CF Donovans seems to have work being done on it for a short while periodically and then it stops. There is suppose to be another more upscale restaurant opening on Fairmount Ave near the Century 21 but that seems to be running way behind too. I had thought the latter was suppose to open by earlier in the summer. There are always contractor vehicles out front, but still no sign of an opening. There is also suppose to be a cafe type place next door to it owned by the same people. It'll be nice when there are more the area.

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    1. re: catsmeow

      The owner told me he was hoping to have CF Donovan's in HP open by November--LAST November. Not sure what is going on, but they are way, way behind. I hope it's worth the wait.

      1. re: hiddenboston

        Doesn't look like the Hyde Park location will be open any time in the immediate future. While there is still work being done, we've stopped asking.

      2. re: catsmeow

        I pass by there all the time - it looks like work has picked up again and things are moving. But I agree, not any time soon. Where would the cafe be, the former Vincent's Laundry that is boarded up?

        1. re: JudyHP

          Does that newish fish store fry fish and if so, has anyone had it?

          1. re: JudyHP

            I think catsmeow is referring to Townsend, the restaurant that is going to be located in the new mixed-use building on Fairmount Avenue (next to the bridge and near the commuter rail station). There is supposed to be an adjoining bakery/cafe.

            I drive by both the new CF Donovan's and Townsend locations regularly and neither look anywhere close to being ready to open. It's disappointing.

            1. re: Roons

              The cafe is suppose to be next to Townsend on Fairmount Ave. It is diappointing that these places are taking ao long to open. No one around Hyde Park even talks about them anymore.

        2. Heard CFs/Hyde Park should be open in early January '08, stay tuned...

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          1. re: Joycee

            I hope you are right. We REALLY need a good restaurant in the area!
            thank you!

            1. re: csdel

              Had dinner at CF Donovans (Savin Hill) on Friday and met the new manager for Hyde Park. Since, I don't dare ask Arthur any longer about Hyde Park's progress, I put the question to the new manager. He said that while he wouldn't predict an opening within the next 2 weeks, he is committed to having it open by end of January 08. Savin Hill is still a great option, even though they haven't filled the chef position, the kitchen seems to have things under control. Chicken curry was perfect with plenty left for lunch the next day. Patriot pizza wasn't bad either!