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Aug 30, 2007 08:48 PM

Filipino-style callos

Haven't tried any of them, but there are many recipes for Filipino style callos on the web, e.g., , might be worth asking on the Home Cooking board for something proven.

Interesting wiki on arroz caldo. The versions I've had in the Bay Area, e.g., at Jolllibee's didn't have saffron in them, and were nearly identical to Cantonese congee but a bit brothier.

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  1. Hi Melanie, hi everyone,

    EatNopal was in Chicago a couple of days ago and mentioned this place so I had to look it up.

    Arroz caldo is one of the great Asian congees. Ginger (usually in batons) is a primary flavor. The luxe version would use the prohibitively expensive saffron. Otherwise, "kasubha" which is the red-orangey stamen of a plant in the marigold family (?) is also commonly used.

    There's a splendid version to be found here in Chicago at a turo-turo called 3R. This place is specially fascinating bec the owners (2-3 years to date) are Eritrean, most of the counter help and the guys doing the butchering in the grocery part of the store are Mexicans and the two cooks are Batanguenas (from Batangas province). (This is such a typical Chicago arrangement really-lately I've been seeing a bunch of Eritrean guys come in for home-style Filipino cooking!) Still they manage to serve some of the most delicious Filipino food in Chicago-inclg a lovely tinola with malunggay leaves (which are available fresh in the produce section) and monggo (stewed mung beans) with dahun ng ampalaya (bitter melon tendrils).


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      Hey RST -

      How Jealous am I to hear of your day with EN in chicago!
      I remember Gwiv doing a post of a FIlipino restaurant with a photo layout - is this the same place?

      So was saffron imported for the Spanish colonists/ traders pre 1898 Manila to eat this dish?