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Oct 4, 2007 01:00 PM

angelini osteria review in oct. 3rd l.a. times

i'm surprised no one posted about this.

i'm sad to say it's been quite a while since my last visit, but i've always enjoyed excellent meals there. has it really deteriorated that much?

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  1. The stunning silence after this review was noted. Perhaps the shock was too great! Just returned from lunch there--it was terrific as usual; spectacular tagliolini neri with clams, and delicious oxtail. Nothing has changed. Great service. Lovely people.

    1. Just read the article. I am new to LA and I made a reservation for angelini osteria in a few weeks. I went to osteria mozza last week, and the pizzeria a few months before. I loved both of them. My questions is: Should I make a reservation at the sister restaurant La Terza? OR should I stick with Angelini. I am trying to explore the many ITalian restarurants in LA..

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        As our beloved and thankfully gone Secretary of Defense would have said: the answer is YES.
        You should make a res. at Terza AND stick with Angelini as well.

        1. re: RicRios

          I went to Angelini Osteria last night and it was divine!!! WE loved every dish. We also went to Mozza (both the pizzeria and osteria), and I preferred Angelini. THere was a great amount of wines to choose from. I had the most flavorful veal milanese!! Perfectly cooked. MY husband had the halibut. I tried it, and it was bursting with flavor. My friend had the porchetta. I loved the way the presented it. I started with a half order of the corkscrew pasta with cherry tomatoes and spinach. Excellent dish, al dente of course. WE finished with some great deserts. I really enjoyed the torte della nonna. IT was a perfect meal and I can not wait to try La Terza. WE also didnt feel felt like we were "dining"!