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Oct 4, 2007 12:32 PM

Las Vegas Recs Wanted: Steak/Seafood or Italian With Nice View, Great Ambience

We are looking for recommendations for October LV trip. Steak/Seafood or Italian with a really nice, quiet, pleasant, and relaxing atmosphere. We are looking to spend no more than $100 - $125 per person. Thanks!!

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  1. You cant beat the view @ PaneVino...

    or Bartolotta @ the Wynn

    Have always wanted to try the Tasting Menu

    1. For good good with a view I would suggest ...

      Italian - Nove at the Palms. It's on the top floor of the newest tower at the Palms. The food is decent but not spectacular. But the view is pretty good. It's been a while since I've been there so I can't remember if it's on the quieter side. Make sure to ask for a nice view when making the reservation but know that it's probably not guaranteed.

      Steak - Prime at the Bellagio. Good food with probably the best steakhouse view in Vegas if you are lucky enough to grab a table by the window. Make sure to ask for a table with a view when making the reservation and again realize that it's only a request. A tip: the earlier you make the reservation ( they open at 5:00 for dinner ) the better your chances of snagging a great table. You will be pushing the envelope to get out under $125 pp if you plan on "dining". It's definitely doable but you will need to keep an eye on the alcohol consumption.