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Oct 4, 2007 12:26 PM

Nellie's Soulfood Restaurant & Bar

Anyone been here - across from Svenhard's Bakery?

Looks good from the street....?!?

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  1. Many, many reports, it's a board favorite for fried chicken.

    Nellie's Soulfood
    1155 3rd St, Oakland, CA 94607

    1. I was there yesterday for lunch after not visiting for several months. I had the oxtails, a Wednesday special with my usual double greens and this time, mashed potatoes. Prices are up, my lunch and my companions 2 pork chop lunch were both $15.25. As I recall, that is up about $2 from my last visit. The sides range from very good (the greens) to ok (the green beans and french fries) to almost awful (all the rest that I have had, which is most) The oxtails were great, with more than enough for lunch today, soft and gooey, and the fried pork chops (no way would your doctor want to see that plate) were very good. The corn muffins have an odd, deep fried shell, hush puppiness and harden almost immeadiately. Service is nice, clean & comfy eating area, easy parking are bonuses. A $38 lunch (with tip) not so. A lot of food but most not worth it ~ I would rather pick and choose for smaller quantities and save some of the tab.

      1. Thanks all - am at Nellie's as I post - lunch menu.

        Fried Chicken - Breast; two wings - freshly fried

        French Fries - Freshly fried, but not crispy outside / creamy inside like they should be - mushy

        Lemonade - Too sweet! Yet I drank it down.


        A pleasant looking place on the street, once inside I could've sworn I was in a military chow hall. Setting tooth to lunch, military deja vu again.

        Mushy fries. Miserable Texas Toast, maybe buttered with margarine. Syrupy sweet lemonade.

        Then, Chicken.....oh my goodness....delicious! The star of the show, I loved the crispy herbed crust and tender just-right chicken. I'd go back for that, but nothing else.

        Price: Just shy of $15 before tip.

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        1. re: Waterboy

          You ordered the wrong sides. Try the collard greens, mac and cheese (Friday only), corn and okra, and yams (eat the yams as a dessert on your corn muffin with a little butter).

          1. re: Morton the Mousse

            Lunch menu options were few - fries or salad. Dinner: you got it.

            1. re: Waterboy

              Except for the day restrictions on mac and cheese and corn and okra, I think all the choices are available at lunch and dinner. Don't bother with the mashed potaoes, green salad or green beans/potatoes. I agree with Morton, greens and sweet yams are the best choices. I haven't had the mac n cheese, probably because I assumed it would be bland and sticky, but next time I am there on a Friday, I will.