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Where can I get farro

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I have only ever seen farro for sale at Trader Joes, but it is part of a farrotto/soup mix which I dislike. I know there must be many other places to purchase plain farro (not part of a mix) in Los Angeles....please advise.

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  1. Bay Cities in Santa Monica

    1. Nicole's Gourmet Imports in South Pasadena, Silverlake Cheese Store does as well.

      1. I believe Farro can also be purchased at CUBE on La Brea in the "market" section of the restaurant. But it is much more reasonably priced at Bay Cities Italian Market. I love farro! It happens to go really well with steak among many other things.

        1. Surfas in Culver City and Bay Cities in Santa Monica both definitely have it

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            The farro at Surfas has husks; you need pearlized farro--it's less work.

          2. The restaurant Il Farro in Newport Beach sells it.

              1. Have you tried Sorrento Italian Market? It's in Culver City. I'm pretty sure I've seen it there before.

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                  I get mine from a wine shop caled The Wine Country is Long Beach.