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Oct 4, 2007 12:21 PM

Where can I get farro

I have only ever seen farro for sale at Trader Joes, but it is part of a farrotto/soup mix which I dislike. I know there must be many other places to purchase plain farro (not part of a mix) in Los Angeles....please advise.

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  1. Bay Cities in Santa Monica

    1. Nicole's Gourmet Imports in South Pasadena, Silverlake Cheese Store does as well.

      1. I believe Farro can also be purchased at CUBE on La Brea in the "market" section of the restaurant. But it is much more reasonably priced at Bay Cities Italian Market. I love farro! It happens to go really well with steak among many other things.

        1. Surfas in Culver City and Bay Cities in Santa Monica both definitely have it

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            The farro at Surfas has husks; you need pearlized farro--it's less work.

          2. The restaurant Il Farro in Newport Beach sells it.