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Oct 4, 2007 11:50 AM

Café Momo in Manchester, NH

I ate at Café Momo (Nepalis Cuisine) this past winter. The place is really small/intimate and colorful. The food was very spicey (love it). We had very little meat on the plate - a lot of veggies and the price was a little $$ for the plate. I did LOVE the food I just wish we had alittle more meat on the plate.

Just wondering what others have experienced.....

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  1. What did you order? Didn't have an issue with meat quantity when we went. Cafe Momo is a little gem--keep meaning to go back, but there are so many new places to try in the Manch/Nashua area.

    1. I have been dying to try this place, despite the appearance from the outside. Any other opinions would be helpful. Also, would you compare this type of food to Indian? If not, what? Thank you!

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        Can't recall what I had (may have been the pan seared, dry rubbed duck)- I just remember a lot of veggies and very hot-red sauce on it all. Meat quantity was an issue with us BUT I love the place and the food tasted great. I will just have to ask them to be a little more generous with their meat portion. The veggies were fresh and crisp - I felt healthier eating there.

        Melissa, I recommend trying it. The food is somewhat like Indian Cuisine. I have been meaning to go back.

        1. re: EatOutAgain

          Nepali food combines the influences of India and Tibet--a little less oily and spicy than Indian food (so if you think this food was spicy, try a vindaloo at Gill's). More stir-fry so vegetables stay a little crisper than Indian, where they tend to be cooked to a mush.