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Oct 4, 2007 11:30 AM

Am craving really good ice cream or an ice-cream-based dessert!!

Haven't had ice cream in several months, and rarely crave it. BUT I AM NOW!!!

Hounds, please help.

Where can I find really good ice cream, gelato (but not frozen yogurt or anything that pretends or tries to be healthful) *or* a delicious ice-cream based dessert?

Would prefer having it out, just because I feel like exploring Austin more, but am also curious what you feel are the best supermarket brands these days.

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  1. If you've never had one, I highly recommend a frozen custard. In Austin, I head to Culver's (two locations, one south one north.) Get a concrete, which is frozen custard (I go for chocolate) mixed with a candy/fruit/nut of your choice blizzard-style. Rich, creamy, amazing.

    1. Personally, I like Sandy's for a good burger and frozen custard. I haven't had a chance to get there in a couple years, but it was always tasty in the past. However, you pretty much have to get it "out" because aside from a few picnic tables in the back, there is no where to eat it at. Btw, walk next door to Whataburger and get a real straw, otherwise you may pop a blood vessel in your head trying to get that stuff through their sadistically small straws.

      I think Amy's Ice Cream is pretty good stuff, definitely rich, and is in several locations around town. Most of the chains have locations in town as well if you like any of those.

      As for a really good ice cream based dessert, I'm interested in seeing what other people suggest, because I can't think of any off of the top of my head.

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        I was surprised to find out that Sandy's makes their custard from a Borden's mix. Seems a little lame for a place with "custard" in its name.

        I think my favorite ice creams in town are the gelati at Whole Foods and at Teo on 38th St.

      2. Thanks LakeLBJ and craveytrain, I hadn't considered Frozen Custard!

        Should have put this in base note - both times I've been to Amy's ice cream, I didn't like it. I tasted something like a chemical taste, and literally didn't want more than 2 bites. However, I have enjoyed Phil's Ice House for burgers (adjoining Amy's on Burnet Road)

        1. I also do not like Amy's. In fact the only ice cream I liked in Austin is the one by Godiva. Their chocolate and raspberries ice cream is great. As for going out - I did not manage to find an ice cream place I like yet. I'm really curious about other people's suggestions though.

          1. It sounds like this is a special treat for you.
            If so, why not splurge.
            Musashino will take their vanilla ice cream, wrap it in pound cake, batter and fry it tempura style, and serve it with whipped cream, nuts, coffee beans and a brandy sauce.
            I think it is about $10