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cajun - creaole

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i know , i know this isn't the place for it.

but got a real hankering now. any info would be great, has anything surfaced in the past couple months.

here are the no gos or already dones: the creol chef, les sisters, harold and belle's, uncle darrow's, and the gumbo pot.

any others.????

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  1. I think Stevies on the Strip closed didn't it? But Stevies on Balboa in the SFV is still going:

    Stevie's Creole Cafe and Bar
    16911 Ventura Blvd
    Encino, CA 91316-4123
    Phone: (818) 528-3500

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    1. re: Servorg

      Yes, Stevie's on the Strip has closed and has been replaced with a "you buy we fry" fish place.

      1. re: nitaj

        Actually Your talking about The Fish market NEXT door. I think it's Crenshaw fish. Good fried shrimp. FORMER stevies on th SHAW is now - - Soul food. New steam tables heat lamps etc. I might have to try this weekend. However i Like aunt rosa lee's mississippi kitchen on Western.

        1. re: Skunk2Racer

          Yeah, there was a BBQ place that opened after Stevie's closed, but it too closed down. One Hound claimed it was extracurricular stuff that closed it down.

    2. Have you tried Cafe Boogaloo in Hermosa Beach?


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        And the Rajun Cajun, also in Hermosa Beach (must be something in the water in the South Bay).


      2. I worked with a lady from New Orleans not too long ago, and she was always talking up La Louisiane near Inglewood. I never got out there, but I've always been meaning to. Anyone have any information on this place?

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          There is a La Louisiane in Simi Valley that is actually pretty good. I've just done their lunch, but the gumbo is passable and their sloppy roast beef po-boy is excellent.

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            Where is this? I did a search for it and came up with nothing!

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                The other one is here though I don't think they are related

                La Louisanne Creole Restaurant
                5812 Overhill Dr [at Slauson]
                Los Angeles, CA 90043
                (323) 293-5073

                Have not heard anything about them good or bad.

                Take Care

                - p.

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            It's in Ladera Heights, possibly on/near Stocker? I've never been, but have been by several times. It looks like the kind of place that you would need to dress up for; looks fairly formal. Heard good things about the food years ago, but not recently.

            1. re: NAspy

              I have been there for Sunday brunch and, yes, the crowd did dress up, for the most part, but many in an "Old New Orleans" (Dr. Longhair, older-crowd) style, though that style is not at all mandatory. Food was good.

            2. re: Woolsey

              La Louisiane is my FAVORITE place for jambalaya! It's moist and has plenty of sausage, chicken and shrimp and a great flavor. Most other places I've tried have a dry style jambalaya that I don't like at all - Creol Chef, H&B's, Bayou Grill. Since I love it so much that's the only thing I usually get because we don't go often. My SO used to only get the gumbo, which I don't care for except my homemade but he loved it. My son likes the stuffed pork chops - usually pretty good too.

            3. A Friend Swears by Bayou Grill on La Brea @ 64TH Place in Inglewood. Dommy and I have not tried it yet but it is now on my list but it closes early [8 pm] for me and it might be a while before we get to it.

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              1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

                thanks Mattpoisett,

                bayou grill might be the one to try. i'll report back, i've also heard about but haven't given it a try yet.

              2. i lived in NOLA for three years and have become very picky as to what is labeled cajun/creole cuisine. whatever you do -- do not go to the gumbo pot at Farmers market --- place is a disgrace.

                that being said -- LA has slim pickins when it comes to NOLA grub -- Uncle Darrows isn't terrible -- oyster poboy is doable. I hear that Harold & Belle's is supposed to be the best spot in town -- but have never been.

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                1. re: ghozimoto

                  Harold and Belle's was some of the best "cajun/creole" food i've had outside of NOLA and my own kitchen. It is very old fashioned classy, the service was impecable.
                  Sure it's a bit pricey when you consider how much it costs to make those dishes, but you can't beat not having to slave over a hot stove for hours making the same thing.
                  I can't wait to go back.

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                    Sad, but true. My parents were from Louisiana, and you are right. At least there is Harold & Bells.

                    That said, let's have a moment of silence for 'Orleans, which was the best -- and perhaps only -- example of "fancy" creole/French New Orleans food to grace Los Angeles.

                  2. New Orleans Restaurant in Hermosa Beach is my favorite. Great etoufee, blackened catfish, mac n cheese, and GUMBO. The red beans and rice and jambalaya arent as good. CAfe Boogaloo is better for Jumbalaya and rajun cajun is better for Po Boys and and red beans and rice.

                    LA does every cuisine fairly well, but only things like American New and Japanese truly well. New Orleans is a close competitor to Harold and Belles in my opinion.

                    If you go to cafe boogaloo, they have great beers and cocktails and great live music so it might be worth a trip to the beach!

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                    1. re: jlrobe

                      Try a place called Bourbon St. Fish - It's in a converted gas station on Prairie between Manchester and Century Blvd opposite Hollywood Park. I've only had the gumbo there, but it was excellent and I was very impressed with the service and the smiles on the faces of the other diners. Everything looked good.

                    2. I need to second Ragin' Cajun in Hermosa Beach. Easily the best Cajun food i've had outside of Louisiana.

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                      1. re: jjmerf

                        Ragin' Cajun is HORRIBLE. My family is originally from southeast Louisiana, and I was very picky about so-called Cajun and Creole cuisine long before I attended college in New Orleans. I remember when there was a thriving L.A.-Louisiana community in Central L.A., with little Creole markets that sold fresh seafood, Community Coffee, spices (like FRESH filé powder), and hand-made chaurice sausage. In fact, my father's cousin used to own a little Creole market on Pico Blvd., west of Western Avenue. I do my best to keep my family's culinary traditions alive, especially because my sister doesn't like to cook, but it's always a treat to eat great Louisiana-style cooking when someone else has done the work; and I'm always willing to pay top dollar if the fare is good.

                        After viewing a segment about Ragin’ Cajun on a Food Network program, I decided to have it delivered for lunch to my office in El Segundo by the L.A. Bite Delivery Service. I had known of Ragin’ Cajun for some time, but I was doubtful of its authenticity/quality (as I am with most so-called Creole and Cajun restaurants). Although the television segment clearly showed that Ragin’ Cajun doesn’t fry their seafood properly (no cornmeal, just dredged in flour), that Food Network segment really piqued my interest (and my sense of adventure); and I found myself ordering lunch from Ragin’ Cajun the following week. I was BITTERLY disappointed in the outcome. The Po Boy sandwich was a JOKE. The shrimp and oysters were flavorless, under-seasoned, and poorly fried. The French bread was terrible. The gumbo was inedible because the roux had been burned! I threw the whole mess away (and it was nothing more than a HOT MESS and a waste of food). I will never patronize that place again.

                        I was also disappointed in the Creole Chef, which I patronized after reading glowing reviews here on the Chowhound Los Angeles message board. While the Creole Chef is light years ahead of Ragin’ Cajun, I didn’t feel that my money was well spent. The quality of the French bread was by no means poor, but it just wasn’t that authentic, New Orleans French bread that is flaky on the outside and chewy on the inside. The Po Boys just weren’t “right”. In fact, I was unimpressed by everything I ordered from the Creole Chef (except the praline candy). The actual restaurant was very nicely decorated and very clean. The employees were warm, friendly, helpful, and courteous. I would like to try this place again, but I can’t convince myself to do so when I can get more authentic-tasting Louisiana-style fried shrimp and oysters from Korean-owned fast-food spots like Jazz Fish on LaBrea and Smitty’s Fried Fish and Chicken on Venice.

                        I was born and raised in the Fairfax district, and I even live there now as an adult. The Gumbo Pot was ALWAYS a joke among Louisiana exiles in L.A., even under its previous ownership. I found the Bayou Grille to be nothing more than acceptable. If I really want to eat some good Creole food, I stick to Harole and Belle’s and La Louisianne on Overhill. There used to be a place in Inglewood called the 5 C’s that had great Creole food, and Jasse’s Sid Café was a favorite growing up. Sometimes I get adventurous, but I am usually very deeply disappointed if I don’t cook it myself...and thank GOD for Pete’s Louisiana Hot Sausage!

                        Stepping down from my soap box now,

                        1. re: droyal

                          what do you all think of the new orleans seafood market or fish market on vernon???

                          and funny you mentioned that about creole chef, yes, the pralines are the best part of that whole endeavor, but interestingly the pralines are probably not even made on the premises.

                          1. re: kevin

                            My family has patronized the N.O. Fish Market for many, many years; but the last time I was there, a couple of months ago, the crawfish I bought was BAD. Well, half of it was bad, and the other half tasted like it was boiled in plain water. It was like I got crawfish from two different batches, and neither was right. I also bought a Po Boy, and that was disappointing as well. I think, from now on, I'm only going to patronize that place when Pete's Hot Links is closed because they do carry Pete's Links. They also sell Camelia beans, and I buy those wherever I run into them. I just think N.O. Fish Market has gone way down. They did have their crab cakes available, but it was so funky in there I just didn't trust them. Too bad.

                            I don't know why people overlook La Louisianne. Perhaps because their bar is so active; but they cater to a nice, older crowd. And their food, even the discount, happy-hour fried chicken, is REALLY good. Harold and Belle's don't even have stuffed shrimp on their menu anymore. As I recall, La Louisianne has excellent stuffed shrimp. I think their food really hits the spot, especially when you don't feel like cooking. More people should patronize the place.

                            1. re: TerriDawn

                              NO had an ownership change (sort of...father to daughter) some months back, and then I think daughter had to take a leave of absence due to pregnancy. I just go for the crab cakes, don't care much for the gumbo or fried fish offerings. If I want to bother with crawfish (basically never) I or a family member will do the boiling.

                              Hopefully the daughter will spend more time hands on if there are quality issues. Your mistrust of the crab cakes is misplaced I can say with 100% certainty.

                              I've always like the food at La Lo...for example, they have a gumbo lunch special for just under $10, just drive upand pluck it from the front counter. But I think he blew it major league with the parking situation in the adjoining square. Obviously things got personal since the owner decided to block off Lousianne's nice sign with one of his own. I guess he got tired of seeing his property invaded each night, for no compensation. Pity they couldn't work things out reasonably.

                              OG LA, I can remember when La Lousianne was a joint called Poor Richard, mopy face on the sign and all. I think the Wich Stand was still around at that time.

                              1. re: TerriDawn

                                Love the gumbo. They also got great live music there in the evenings..

                            2. re: TerriDawn

                              My grandpa used to run the Chip House over on 43rd (i think). best fried seafood in the city.
                              La Louisianne is often ignored for some reason.
                              Agree also about Creole Chef, the gumbo is at best midlin.
                              Gumbo Pot, a hearty joke.
                              Don't forget the crab cakes at NO fish market.

                          2. ya know i interviewed at a new restaurant called vieux carre in leimert park on degnan about a month ago, and am curious as to how the food is. it is run by new orleans chefs from what the owner told me (her family is from NOLA), and she said it's been getting pretty busy come thursday and the weekend. i'd go check it out, but have been pretty poor these past couple months. anybody been? i tried getting their number, but no luck...

                            1. This is coming from a person who has never been to NO, but has had wonderful meals prepared in the kitchens of Louisiana natives. Uncle Darrow's was a meager experience and service was sad. I like Creole Chef; I think their fried catfish rivals my ex Mom-in-law's and her fried fish was terrific. She was from the Arcadian region, not NO. I do not like Creole Chef's gumbo; my husband LOVES CF's Gulf Oysters (although Pann's on La Tijera had North Atlantic oysters for a minute and he said those were even better. Pann's has awesome greens.) The last time I had red beans & rice at Creole Chef they were salty and not up to par. I've had people tell me that Harold & Belle's has *the best* red beans & rice in the city. I have a hard time with any gumbo that's not homemade. Though, the Crab Pit on La Brea made me rethink that personal rule, even though it was on the salty side. My experience at La Louisianne was poor; I was extremely unimpressed by the food. I have not been back since and that's been over a dozen years. Cafe Soul is a terrific little place next to the Vision Theater in Leimert Park. Terrific fried catfish, good sides. Yummy cake. Although I'd place it in the realm of Southern, not Cajun.

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                              1. re: fashunchik

                                fashun, i think you meant Acadiana, nor Arcadia, because then some would assume the city just east of Pasadena.

                                1. re: fashunchik

                                  Can you say a bit more about Crab Pit's gumbo, Fashunchik? I feel the same way about gumbo and have been completely disappointed by everything outside of new orleans (and even in new orleans, sometimes). Yet it is one of my favorite dishes when made right. Is the gumbo there heavy on sausage or seafood? Okra? Thank you.

                                  1. re: epop

                                    Yes, haven't found a great gumbo in LA either.

                                    The only that came closet was the one at Stevie's on the Strip.

                                2. Try the gumbo at New Orleans in Hermosa Beach. It is delicious ande she will make it as spicy as you like.

                                  New Orleans Cajun Cafe
                                  140 Pier Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

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                                  1. re: JEN10

                                    does it have okra and lots of seafood, Jen10? or is it mostly sausages?

                                    1. re: epop

                                      It has a good amount of seafood, can't remember about the okra. Check out her website.

                                  2. I just stumbled upon "Creo's Southern Kitchen" it's where Uncle Flip's used to be in North Hollywood.

                                    4715 Lankershim Blvd.
                                    North Hollywood 91606

                                    I grabbed a menu when I saw it. I have to try it, they offer: BBQ, Gumbo, Fried Catfish and Snapper, Po-Boys.

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                                    1. re: 420 Reasons to eat

                                      Uncle Flips is GONE already? Woof! Remind me NEVER to invest in the restaurant biz.

                                      1. re: 420 Reasons to eat

                                        Did the same thing myself tonight.I drove past and spotted Creo's, and decided to come back a little later to grab a menu.The soul food, southern, and barbeque scene is heating up in the NOHO.