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Looking for stores with frozen/ready-to-eat Indian food

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When I lived in Wisconsin, the Asian grocery store there carried this great line of frozen and ready-to-eat Indian food called Swad. I LOVED their paranthas, and their dal in a pouch. Really easy and fast to make, and pretty tasty, too. Anyone have leads on where I can find this stuff in LA?

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  1. Trader Joe's and Whole Foods sell a lot of that boil-in-bag Indian food. TJ's used to sell Tasty Bite but now it's their own brand (which may be the same thing for all I know).

    1. I think I saw those foods at a small Indian grocery store in Artesia, downstairs from Tirupathi Bhimas. But it might be easier to email the company and ask who carries their frozen foods in the LA area.

      1. Try the grocery section at India's Sweets/Spices on Los Feliz.

        1. On the westside, the places I buy a lot of my frozen Indian and ready-to-eat Indian items are:
          -India Sweet House, 5992 Pico, near La Cienega - on one side, a counter service Indian snack/chaat shop and on the other, an Indian grocery
          -Asia Foods, 10200 Venice Blvd. in Culver City...in the same mini-mall as Annapurna...a small Indian grocery

          India Sweet House
          5992 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035

          1. not frozen, but there is a new stand at the hollywood farmer's market on sundays selling packaged indian food that is very fresh and tasty. the market is at ivar and selma.

            1. I get my prepackaged indian foods at my local India Sweets and Spices. I buy the Deep frozen entrees, frozen Roti Canai, and shelf stable Ashoka and MDH entrees. I don't like the Tasty Bite ones at Trader Joes -- not very good IMO. The MDH ones are great -- I usually cook a couple dishes at the beginning of the week, and then we complement them with the prepackaged entrees. The Ashoka ones are punjabi style, which is the style of food we cook in my family.

              1. I recommend the Tandoori Chef brand of Indian frozen foods at Wholefoods. They cost under $4 a box and are delicious. They are similar to the frozen ready meals by Raja food. I had the Palak Paneer last night and it was really good. I don't recall seeing frozen paratha but you can check. They also carry a good selection of other brands, so it's a good idea to shop there and check it out for yourself.

                Whole foods also carries great Indian naan. I think it's called Indian bite or Indian taste ... something like that. A little on the expensive side at $5+ a bag but it's good food.

                1. i'd try SAMOSA HOUSE first
                  Samosa House. 11510 W Washington Blvd Culver City, CA 90066 Phone: (310) 398-6766.

                  be sure arrive there with enough time and room in your belly to have their combination plate and ask for their great mango/banana/pistachio soup