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Oct 4, 2007 10:48 AM

Angeleno BDay Dinner: Florencia 13 or EL Maguey?

I'm trying to pick between Florencia 13 or El Maguey for dinner Friday night (for about 6 people)....I've already looked at most of the posts about Best Authentic Mexican Restaurants in NYC and I've boiled it down to these two (I've heard Tulcingo, Tehuitzingo, and Noche are all good but I want something a bit nicer).
Which one's better? (Keep in mind that I'm a 1/2 mexican angeleno)

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  1. By Angeleno, do you mean someone visiting from L.A.? Pls advise...

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      1. re: avorona

        The Mexican food in L.A. is MUCH better than the Mexican food here...maybe you should consider a different cuisine?

    1. I can vouch only for El Maguey, which I think is great, especially the chile rellenos. It is clean and pleasant, but very simply decorated (plastic tablecloths, etc.) so if you're looking for "nicer" you may want to keep looking.

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        and i can only vouch for florencia 13. being from so cal, i went for the "novelty" aspect of it and was delightfully impressed.