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Chocolatiers in NYC?

lookin' for some hand-made goodies on my visit

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  1. Jacques Torres chocolates are delicious. And local. Here's his website:
    Enjoy your visit.

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      yes, definately JT. and marie belle.

    2. Only some help since I cannot remember the name -- but in the financial district, there's a NYC "local" fudge/candy shop that is fantastic -- a little shop -- a woman's name...but I can't remember details (within a few blocks of Ground Zero) ... maybe someone else knows

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        Is it Rocky Mountain Chocolate? Near Fulton and Broadway? I'm not sure if they're still open.

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          It's on John Street, she was there pre 9/11 but not sure if she's still there. BEST chocolate in the City.

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            Evelyn maybe?

            I've heard she has great chocolate covered potato chips.

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              I've had her fabulous chocolate covered potato chips! I wonder if she still makes those.

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                I think Evelyn's is still there on John off Broadway. Rocky Mountain is long gone but they are a chain and are in many malls outside of New York. If Christopher Norman is still down there, near the stock exchange definitely take a look. www.echocolatenyc.com has got a list of stores in Manhattan.

        2. Pierre Marcolini...Lots of excellent chocolate in the city, some of it highly hyped, but chocolate simply doesn't get any better than this...at 58th Street & Park Ave...


          1. Kees and Jacques Torres for local chocolatiers.
            Pierre Marcolini and La Maison du Chocolat are excellent also.

            1. Here is a map of some of the notable Chocolatiers in New York:
              Use it to plan a walking tour of NY

              My hands-down fave is Richart Design et Chocolat on 55th St. just east of 5th Ave. Before going on your safari, take a moment to read their instructions for tasting chocolate at:
              Really. It will open new worlds of chocolate for you.

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                I think Richart closed down a couple of years ago.

                1. Kee's chocolates on Thomson St. near Spring has fantastic chocolates - much better than Jacques Torres. They are hand made every day and have a range of flavours such as creme caramel and balsamic

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                    Kee's is good if you're looking for exotic flavors; Torres is better for straight chocolate (although the spiced "wicked" chocolate is particularly good); take a hot chocolate break if you go there.

                    For classic Belgian-style shaped and filled chocolates, I like Martine (the 82nd street location), while for French-style, I prefer La Maison du Chocolat. I also like the champagne truffles at Teuscher.

                    There are many good chocolatiers in NYC - try them all!

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                      The champagne truffles at Teuscher are my favorite champagne truffles! I also like the various nut truffles at Kee's - pistachio, almond, pine nut.

                  2. Michel Cluizel is one of the best in the world. One of the few 'bean to bon bon' producers. He has just two locations in the whole world: on the Rue Saint Honore in Paris, and in the back of ABC on Broadway. Go in and walk all the way to the back and head down the stairs. It's like a little chocolate jewel box.

                    I also second Marie Belle. The chocolates are made with Valrhona, but are really well done and the little cafe is lovely. Get the European hot chocolate.

                    @ ABC Carpet & Home
                    888 Broadway (at 19th Street), 1st floor
                    New York, NY 10003
                    T 212 477-7335

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                      2nd Michel Cluizel! His bar, the one called noir au grué de cacao, is dark chocolate with cocoa bits...intense chocolate with chocolate crunch...simply superb!

                      I found it in my supermarket but Amazon has it too...


                    2. Check out the chocolate show website--I think they have a list of exhibitors and some are in Manhattan. www.chocolateshow.com.

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                        So many choices in NYC, I like La Maison du Chocolat for a bit of european and Marie Belle, the people that work there are so sweet and the cafe is old world. Kee's has the freshest truffles, but no where to eat them in her small shop. Take them to a near by park and savor.

                      2. I loved Richart for their intense, bitter dark chocolate. Kron's chocolate has wonderful champagne truffles but is a bit of a schlep. Fauchon has left New York and Payard has closed. I still fancy Maison du Chocolat and used to like Jacques Torres back in the day after Teuscher lost its way. Bespoke and quirky Vosges have their place but there is one chocolatier to rule them all.

                        Kee's Chocolate has supplanted all others in my addiction to chocolate. Unless they are closed or geographically impossible, I always go to Kee's. In fact, I'd often rather not have chocolate than eat something so incredibly inferior to Kee's.