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Oct 4, 2007 10:44 AM

Where to get those cool appetizer spoons

Hey folks. For holiday entertaining I'd like to feature a few of those apps that are served on individual spoons. I've seen them at Crate and Barrel ($20 for 12) but cannot find them anywhere else. Anybody know who else sells them? (I'm not keen on the ceramic chinese spoons so would prefer to stay away from those. I know where to get them locally.) TIA

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    1. Sur La Table sells the stainless ones if that's the ones you're talking aboutI(with the curled under handle).

      1. Well, as much as I love those stainless spoons at Sur La Table (thanks ziggylu!) I don't love their price. $20 for 6 is a bit steep. For a party with 20 guests it would cost me $80 just for one serving a piece.

        I guess I have to rethink my position on the porcelain spoons. In the link jane posted I see that I can get 50 of them for $45 - which would allow 2 servings per person at almost half the cost of the stainless. Wouldn't mind if I didn't find them hard to eat off of.

        1. I found this link- it is $39.00 for sixty. I h ave not bought them, but may be worth checking out.

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            Thanks, Macca. Appreciate the link. Those are plastic so I think I'll pass. THe price sure is right, though.

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              If you have a Chinatown near where you live, you could pick them up at an Asian Supermarket.

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                Yea, I second that. Really cheap at any Asian markets (especially Chinese).