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Outdoor Afternoon Cocktails- Awesome View of Blue Angels- Recs needed

Hey Chowhounds,

Have any of you either intentionally sought out or accidentally happened upon an outdoor restaurant/bar for snacks and cocktails with great fly-bys of the Blue Angels during Fleet Week? Prefer someplace that's not down by the wharf. And Medjool is not an option. Thanks in advance for any ideas... this is for Saturday, if the date makes a difference.

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    1. Anywhere that has a view is likely to be a mob scene, and really not worth the time. What I suggest is:
      a) make friends with someone who has roof access in one of the buildings along Marina Blvd. Failing that...
      b)pack a portable bar/picnic, go out to Marina Green and stake out a spot for you and your friends, sit back and enjoy a much better view without the cost or hassle.

      1. Any tall building in the FD will do. From the 18th Floor of 1 Post, we had great views of the practice runs earlier in the week. The building down from The Galleria and across from 1 Post used to have a roof garden accessible to the public. There must be others.

        1. Thanks for the recs, gang- we've got loads of friend's houses and such that we could beg borrow or sneak our way onto, but really wanted to find a restaurant with outdoor seating and cocktails (a la the roof terrace of Medjool in the Mission, which doesn't take reservations for the deck and is likely to be a madhouse this weekend.)

          1. What about a place in the Presidio?

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              Hmm... maybe Presidio Social Club might have some sort of outdoor space, but that might be walking a fine line of getting way too close into the traffic and folks headed to watch from the Bridge, Wharf, etc.

            2. We ended up at Medjool's Sky Terrace, and it it was pretty awesome. Not crowded at all, several nice flybys, tasty drinks... but I have to say, the marinated olives were WAY oversalted!

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                Thanks for reporting back! I'm glad it didn't turn out to be crowded -- I guess most people opted for somewhere on the waterfront.

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                  It certainly felt like most people opted for my neighborhood! Traffic was a nightmare, both vehicle and foot. But the weather was so fabulous and the repeated flyovers by the Blue Angels are fun, even though the buildings shake and the car alarms go off!

              2. Chowsmurf, your OP noted that you were ruling out Medjool. How come? I saw Check Please this weekend, only episode I have seen that I missed before too and Medjool got excellent reviews by all 3 parties. Just curious why the original comment?

                Oh and glad you had an enjoyable day. Always love to see the Blue Angels!

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                  We ruled out Medjool because my boyfriend had been there once on a weekend night and didn't like the crowd and felt the roofdeck was unsafe. (I guess there was music and people were jumping up and down and he could feel the whole roofdeck move with the weight of the people- in addition he saw the "capacity" sign and they were WAY over.) I assumed it would be a mess for the Blue Angles, since I remember some people saying they watched from there last year. When we weren't able to find anywhere else to go, I said, "Look, let's swing by at about 3; I'll hop out of the car and have a look; Worst comes to worse, we can drive up Bernal Hill." I ran up to the deck, and it was gloriously empty!