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Nachos, anyone?


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  1. I'm craving nachos this weekend and don't feel like making them. Where are some good ones? We live north of boston, but may be willing to travel to try something new!

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      Sunset Cantina gives you piles of them, they're tasty.

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        My favorite nachos are at Taqueria la Mexicana in Union Square, Somerville. Topped with carnitas. Drool.

        Cantine La Mexicana
        247 Washington St, Somerville, MA 02143

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          You are sooooooooo right. They're completely carnitas crack for me.

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              I'll see that amen and raise you a hallelujah.

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            Brendan Crocker's Wild Horse in Beverly has great nachos in the bar.
            I also like the ones they have at Garden City Pub in North Beverly.

          2. I'm mostly a fan of the pub food at J.J. Foley's Cafe in the South End, but I tried their nachos last week, and they're made with a "nacho cheese sauce" that resembles the stuff that comes out of a pump at the cinema, blecch. How hard is it to use real cheese?

            1. Coolidge Corner Clubhouse in Brookline has decent nachos. Their "half" size is enough to feed at least 4 people.

              The key to good nachos is a place that evenly distributes the cheese throughout the nachos. There is nothing worse then getting a plate of nachos with cheese on top and eating the first layer only to find a bunch of bare chips underneath.

              1. I went on a nacho-fest one week before and emerged nacho'ed out. The Taqueria La Mexicana was perhaps the best deal. For the money, I got a huge round tin of thick cut tortillas under melted cheese and carnitas, and stuffed with the densest toppings on earth. It made a huge mountain of shades of brown and gray, snowcapped by sour cream and scallions IIRC. It was incredibly filling and quite tasty.

                The Rudy's black bean nachos were underwhelming. There wasn't enough good stuff, especially under the top layer, to keep it from being dry and uninteresting by the end.

                The Forest Cafe was not that memorable...literally I can't remember it, except that it was not that great nor that bad. The same goes for Jose's.

                The place I really want to try is Beerworks...I've heard the cheese is well-distributed.

                But I think nachos are best as an appetizer in which you hand-wrestle everyone else to get all the good parts. The competition and smaller portions make it taste better. I am waxing philosophical about whether it's worth driving any distance for the nachos per se. Rather, I might go out with the kids for some steak, go to Bugaboo, and make sure to get their BBQ chicken nachos.

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                  The one's at Beerworks are ok - on par with Orleans'.

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                    I had Forest Cafe's nachos with chorizo and thought they were terrible. An oily, overpowering mess.

                  2. some shoutouts...

                    - i like the ones at redbones (even available late-night); the dish is on the smaller side, good for two people to share, but the cheese ratio is perfect and it's got the spicy/crunchy/seasoned balance down

                    - other side cafe piles on the vegetarian chili; ask for extra guac. quite hearty topped with the beans and grains. great grazing food, esp. on the patio.

                    - size-wise, and good when you're hungry late-night (serving until 1am), the paradise lounge nachos are the biggest bang for your buck (esp on cheap food nights). the tray is like the size of the top of oscar's garbage can, turned upside down, and piled with everything. the name says it all: "Big F’n Nachos"

                    1. I'm a huge nacho fan, and I can honestly say that I've never had better nachos than the South of the Border Fiesta Nachos with BBQ pulled chicken at Sunset Grill & Tap in Allston (the Sunset Cantina makes them very well too). The last time I went there they were absolutely perfect. I especially like how they're topped with a pile of shredded lettuce- for some reason that makes a big difference to me :-) I will note that they have overcooked them on occasion, but for the most part they are always delicious.

                      Sunset Grill & Tap
                      130 Brighton Ave, Allston, MA

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                        I agree that Sunset Grill & Tap's nachos with the BBQ chicken are awesome. Huge portions too.

                        Another favorite is Kinsale (Govt. Center) where you can substitute their spinach and artichoke dip for the chili which is poured on top under the cheese. Multi colored chips, a scoop of sour cream and guacamole come on top, salsa on the side. Consistency is sometimes an issue (broken chips, not enough topping) but when they're on, they're great!

                        Also a big fan of the nachos at Beerworks. Get them with the chicken. The cheese is distributed all throughout the nachos instead of just on top.

                        I've also recently discovered the nachos at Rock Bottom which are covered in refried beans under the other toppings. The salsa is sub-par and you have to request sour cream on the side, but the nachos themselves are pretty good...probably my favorite of the chain pub-type restaurants.

                        For something different, try Christopher's in Porter Square. They have some unique options including Yuppie Nachos (with sun dried tomatoes and goat cheese). Only had them once but they were delicious!

                        Kinsale Irish Pub & Restaurant
                        2 Center Plz, Boston, MA

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                          Agreed on the Yuppie Nachos. A fantastic find, and a personal favorite.

                          Big City calls them Mediterranean Nachos, Sunset calls it Spinach and Artichoke dip - whatever, it comes out of the same kitchen and I call it delicious. Pita chips with spinach and artichoke dip, hummus, feta, cheese, and cracked olive salsa. Love them. Also love Big City's Red White and Blue nachos with BBQ chicken, which I imagine are just like Sunset's nachos with BBQ chicken.

                          Beerworks nachos are okay, but the one near North Station tends to let them get a little too brown for my taste.

                          The problem with CC Clubhouse nachos is that they're stacked high, making it difficult to eat (like Nacho Jenga) and also distributing most of tha good stuff on top.

                          I'm still on the lookout for breakfast nachos. I think it can be done (beans, salsa, cheese, crumbled bacon, scrambled egg on... toast points, maybe?) despite my nay-saying friends.

                      2. The Italian Nachos at Anchovies in the South End...the rest of the menu is pretty sub-par (in my huble opinion) but these are pretty good, as along as you don't mind an off-shoot of the original. Ricotta cheese, meat sauce, etc-definitely a guily pleasure.

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                          I've heard the buffalo chicken nachos at the Fours are very good... but have'nt had them myself.

                        2. Hands down: Centre Street Cafe in Jamaica Plain. Black beans, house made guacamole, real cheddar cheese and above all: fresh tomato salsa fresca made w/local heirloom tomatoes, get it while you can. You can also add organic chicken or fresh veggies as an extra. Yum! No chemicals, no "nacho cheese sauce"

                          1. I have to disagree with the bad Rudy's rating. I love thier nachos. True, there is a heaping pile of stuff (melted cheddar, beans, salsa, sour cream) on top, leaving the bottom chips naked, but by the time you're that far into the pile you'll be saying "when" anyway.

                            At the other end of the spectrum are the well-organized, evenly-distrubuted, OCD nachos at The Cheesecake Factory. They are delicious, with four different cheeses, and one perfect scoop each of salsa, guac, and sour cream.

                            1. I have to second Sunset over in Allston, or try their sister restaurant Sunset Cantina right on Commonwealth Avenue. Soooo good.

                              1. the best nachos in Boston are at sunset grill, whiskey bar, and king's super messy but soooooo good!

                                1. The buffalo chicken nachos at the fours near the garden are my favorite.

                                  1. Don't get Cambridge Brewing Company's nachos. I thought I'd be safe with bar food, but not so much... some of the chips are dyed a weird shade of red and there are previously-frozen chunks of maybe-carrot-maybe-sweet-potato.

                                    1. though I'm not a fan of them myself, Watch City Brewing gets points for Nacho originality - giving you a bowl of chips with a saucer of dippable nacho goodness, solving the "cheese distribution problem" fairly elegantly.

                                      Beans in there, though. :(