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Oct 4, 2007 10:21 AM

Chinatown butcher for fresh quail, duck???

Looking for fresh-cut birds, not frozen. Would be awesome if they sourced rabbit as wel!

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  1. Is there any place in the city for fresh birds? Rabbit?

    Access by MTA A++.

    1. The Union Square Greenmarket (4/5/6, N/R) has a guy that sells fresh birds. You can also order fresh turkeys there for Thanksgiving. I seem to recall a chicken place somewhere in Chinatown, near the Manhattan Bridge???? I saw the live chickens. Perhaps other hounds will know. The Essex Street Market (M9 bus) has a good butcher, Jeffrey that you could also try.

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        Ditto Essex St Mkt. You'll be able to find what you need there. There are a couple of butchers in Chinatown i buy from occasionally but i have no idea what they're called. I'll look when I head over there this Sunday. No idea if they have non frozen poultry/game. specifically Rabbit in Ctown i'm gonna guess is not that likely...but i'll check.

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          thanks for the info!...I'm not really looking for live birds, just fresh-cut, not frozen. Not really expecting to find rabbit also, but thought I'd put a word out. I'd expect duck and quail in C'town, maybe squab. If they can spatchcock, even better.

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          My SO gave me a book "Gourmet Food Shops of New York" and it listed a place Delancey Live Chicken on the LES (chickens, ducks, pigeons). Not sure if it is still there (look for a chicken mural).

          Delancey Live Chicken
          198 Delancey Street

        3. I don't know the names, but in Chinatown on Mulberry between Bayard and Canal there is a butcher or two. On Grand Street there are a couple of butchers on both sides of Allen, south side of the street. You will recognize them as soon as you see them.

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            thanks, will take a trip down there and walk around and check out all these places.